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Alpkit is a premium multi-activity outdoor and bike direct-to-customer brand. Agile, vibrant and sustainable. We’re digital-first inspiring and connecting customers online and in its stores. Profitable and growing at 54% compound annual rates since 2014. Voted TGO's Online Retailer of the Year in 2019 for a record 6th time.* Fast growing direct-to-consumer global brand with four retail stores* 191k customers in total, 103k served in the last 12 months* >20% like-for-like online sales and EBITDA growth in lockdown* Proudly co-founder owned. Funded by founders and bank borrowings only==Idea==

Technical outdoor gear is overpriced. Its aim is simple: use digital technology and change the UK outdoor industry by uniting the design quality of a performance sports brand with the customer service of a specialist store. Alpkit has been recognised as the UK's only premium multi-activity performance outdoor brand. Its supply chain is shorter, its price-tag sharper.It is its love of the outdoors that defines all the company does: responsible, expert, determined & fair.Founded in 2004 we've years of award-winning products and have grown more than 10 x since August '14. Employing 85 staff with £7.1m sales & £500k EBITDA in the year to Oct ‘19. Online sales and EBITDA are up >20% in lockdown. The loyalty of its customers, resilience of its team and trading agility prove its business model is strong.Our charity, Alpkit Foundation, has given to over 650 projects to help get people outside. Its own factory helped to make NHS scrubs.We've been acknowledged as the first UK outdoor brand to publish a comprehensive Sustainability Report and won Responsible Finance Microentrepreneur Award in 2018.Alpkit is proudly independent and aims to:* Improve its web to grow sales worldwide* Invest in its team and continue to design great quality products that matter* Open 2 Alpkit stores a year until the company has 12* Achieve a world-class sustainability record using the B Corp framework==Team==Alpkit is rare amongst smaller founder-led businesses. The company has built an ambitious professional management team beyond the founder group. Alpkit has experience of growing businesses and built teams, established processes and developed systems that mean the company has the capability to grow.Alpkit is a team 85 strong with 45 staff in stores and customer service, 10 makers in its factory and building bikes, 6 in its warehouse and 24 designers, buyers, marketers, HR, finance and IT professionals.Colin Fisher: Chairman* MD and Chairman of Rohan the direct-to-consumer travel brand that operates in a similar way to Alpkit* Grew Rohan from £10m to £26m with an exit to H Young in 2016David Hanney: CEO and Co-founder* Invested and joined as CEO in 2014* Formerly CFO at GO Outdoors when GO grew from 3 to 40 stores and £140m sales that delivered 37.2 times return to YFM Fund Managers* Qualified 'Big 4' accountant and trained with Ernst & YoungNick Smith: MD and Co-founder* Design Director at Equip Outdoor Technologies (owner of Rab and Lowe Alpine brands amongst others)* Quit Equip in 2004 to start AlpkitRob Savin: Marketing Director* Head of Digital for two divisions of the Co-opCol Stocker: Co-founder and director* Creative force, visual representation and wordsmithKenny Stocker: Co-founder and director* Custodian of its ‘Alpkit’ brand and ‘Go Nice Places Do Good Things’