Barcelona Beer Company

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Founded in 2014 with a commitment to making innovative beer with the best ingredients, Barcelona Beer Company is now the third-largest craft brewer in Spain. With sales increasing 30% YOY, the company is raising to finalise their new brewing facilities and grow their international offering.

  • 30% annual revenue growth in the last 3 years
  • Growing internationally, already exporting to 20 countries
  • New brewing facility close to completion from founder investment.
  • 490k litres of beer sold in 2019.


We're Barcelona Beer Company, a brewery founded in 2014 by 3 partners committed to creating an honourable brand that makes delicious beer with the best raw materials. Not only are we an innovative team, but we're dedicated to servicing the brewing community both locally and internationally!

For the last 3 years, we've increased sales 30% year on year, reaching €1,1M revenue and €-90k EBITDA in 2019. With 7 years’ market presence, we've won multiple awards, growing to be the 3rd biggest craft brewer in Spain.

We've 90% of our brewery building work completed from founder investment, and so are seeking further funds to finalise these projects, we also aim to leverage a number of strategic opportunities outlined below:

  1. Improve our international offering - increasing exports to the likes of USA, Russia and China
  2. Improve quality processes.
  3. Marketing - so far we’ve grown naturally with a limited budget
  4. ‘Cerdos Voladores Beer Festival’ - we are creating our own festival with good music, good food and, of course, great beer
  5. Launch new packaging with new bottling machine
  6. ‘Beer Better’ - we firmly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility and want to be internationally recognised for this
  7. ‘The Craft Beer Society’ - the craft beer world is a big family, we want to be a leading member
  8. New products - R&D for the new and innovative beers that keep popping into our heads


CARLOS VILASECA LAZARO. Director of the Brewery - 15 years of experience, born in Barcelona with an MBA training from La Salle University and a degree in Business Administration.

ORIOL RENART MANENT (Part-time) - The brewery’s Marketing and Communication expert- 15 years of experience, born in Barcelona with a Master in Marketing from Esade and a degree in Business Administration.

ALFREDO NUÑEZ (Part-time) - Over 20 years of experience, Industrial Engineering, in charge of Sales and Customers Services for the brewery.

DAVID FERRER CALPE. THE Brewer - 9 years of experience.