With over 10,000 orders, hundreds of 5-star reviews and world class athlete endorsement, 33Fuel is an award-winning natural sports nutrition brand seeking to disrupt the £1bn UK sports nutrition market. Having grown organically to date, the business is now raising funds for marketing to accelerate sales.

  • Multi award-winning product range
  • Over 10,000 orders to date
  • £1bn UK sports nutrition market forecast to reach almost £2bn by 2024
  • Featured in The Telegraph, Independent, Men's Fitness & many more


The problem

Artificial products dominate sports nutrition yet consumers increasingly want healthier, natural alternatives. 33Fuel’s mission is building a fitter future with the best natural sports nutrition and a focus on sustainability.

The solution

As a digitally native brand not beholden to costly retailer margins, we spend more on ingredients for improved products made to our own unique natural formulas. This allows us to maintain competitive retail prices in a £1bn market, forecast to almost double by 2024.

The results

We have won multiple awards, including Health Product of the Year and Best Meal Replacement (beating some of the biggest nutrition brands), been featured in leading fitness and mainstream media, and our tribe grows daily. With over 10,000 orders, 100s of 5-star customer reviews, 12,000 email subscribers and a podcast with +65k plays, we can see we're on the right track. Meanwhile in elite sport, 33Fuel has attracted superstar shareholders including 4x Ironman triathlon World Champion Chrissie Wellington OBE and superstar customers including Tour de France winner Sir Bradley Wiggins.

What’s next

Having built a business & team capable of much greater volume while establishing early traction via word of mouth, we're raising funds for marketing to accelerate sales as we build the sports nutrition business of tomorrow.


Founders: Erica and Warren Pole

A shared passion for extreme fitness, excellent health and great food took Erica & Warren on a decade-long quest to uncover the best nutrition for active people everywhere. 33Fuel is the result and has been their full-time job since 2017.

Ambassador: Chrissie Wellington OBE

4x Ironman Triathlon World Champion, as passionate about winning races as she is about nutrition. Joined 33Fuel because, “I wanted to team up with a company that I believed in".

Advisor & Shareholder: Kevin Street

Private equity professional and non-exec board member of Maximuscle, then the UK’s largest sports nutrition company, acquired by GSK for £162m. As he says, “with Maximuscle I saw firsthand the potential of the right brand at the right time in sports nutrition. I invested in 33Fuel because I believe it has similar potential”.

Advisor & Shareholder: Andrew Bloch

Founder, Frank PR. Leading industry authority on brand building.

Advisor & Shareholder: Marc Diprose

Lead web developer for online clothing retail pioneer Surfdome from startup to £10m turnover.

Operations manager: Fil Mazzarino (Part-Time)

Pro cameraman/editor. As skilled in managing product production as brand media production.

Content manager: James Eacott (Part-Time)

Former marketing and content creator for online running platform RunUltra & GB triathlete.