Virus and rare disease research has never been more prominent. 42Genetics' software provides a fast, low-cost solution to the creation and storage of large DNA genomic data files, facilitating academia, pharma and medical professionals to carry out ground-breaking research.

  • Software patented, registered in the Netherlands with academic validation
  • Genomics industry worth $18.85bn in 2019, expected to grow to $82.6bn by 2027.
  • Undertaking a pioneering processing project with Cambridge University
  • Ever increasing quantum of Genomic data to be analysed by industry


1 in 17 people (7% of the population) will be affected by a rare disease at some point in their lives. This is about 3 million people in the UK. 80% of rare diseases include cancers, and some other well-known conditions such as cystic fibrosis and Huntington’s disease, have a genetic component.

42Genetics is on a mission to unlock genomic data for the world’s health organizations by providing data-driven solutions for diagnostics and discovery at scale. We are in negotiations with a life-science organization to progress precision medicine programs, enable high throughput diagnostics and accelerate the pace of research.

A digitised human genome is 500GB in size when output from a sequencer and this makes it difficult to transfer through the Cloud and very costly to store, especially when working with large population groups. 42Genetics reduces the footprint to less than 5GB thus facilitating speed and making research more affordable. The Genomics industry was worth $18.85bn in 2019 and is projected to grow to $82.6bn by 2027.

The team have significant experience in building genetic software, and in February 2020, we completed a validation project with Cambridge University, hosting and processing 15,000 whole genomes and achieving a publication in Nature journal along with NIHR and Genomics England.


The Board of Directors include:

Richard Irwin, Chairman

Richard is a founder of Norlin Ventures private equity group. Richard worked previously with Schroders and PwC, and has significant experience of turning around businesses and growth investing.

Hans Karten, CTO/Founder

Hans has been key to the development of the 42G Product Suite. Prior to 42G he worked at Oracle focusing on high-performance computing architecture and core database development. Hans has registered multiple big data patentsand has registered multiple bigdata patents.

Niall Moen, CFO (Part-time)

Niall is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland. Niall has been working in private equity for 4 years, including with the 42G team. Prior to that spent 4 years at PwC working in their advisory practices in the US, UK and Ireland.

John Fichthorn, Non-Executive Director

John has managed private investment funds at Dialectic Capital Management and B. Riley Capital Management since 2003. John has strong expertise in corporate governance from serving on various Boards including Quantum Corp, a video and genomic storage company.

Brendan Rogers, Non-Executive Director

Brendan is currently COO at MSD Partners. Prior to MSD, he spent 10 years working in portfolio management and operational hedge fund roles . He received his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in 2002.

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