ABBS holds multiple patents for its proven VGAM™ vehicle mine protection system and a new patent pending for a Zero-Zero Crash Prevention system for light aircraft and eVTOL’s. Raising new funding now to enter the full commercialisation phase, with live projects for both technologies.* ABBS tests indicate it can provide full protection against land mines and IEDs* ABBS is developing Safety Systems designed to prevent serious eVTOL crashes.* Major Collaboration Agreement for eVTOL system development being discussed * US Army, UK MOD and Israeli, Turkish and Indian company projects to develop specific vehicle systems==Idea==

Mines and IED's (Improvised Explosive Devices) accounted for over 80% of UK and US army casualties in Iraq & Afghanistan. The IED threat is worldwide as various groups use these devices to disrupt Government authorities and normal civilian life.The technology has been developed over 12 years with over £7million invested in R&D. Our research suggests that we can completely protect the occupants of armoured vehicles from blast mines and IED's.Development is now taking place with the US Army, Israel, and the UK, with several new global marketing channels in place; with interest from India, Pakistan,Turkey and the Middle East.The armoured vehicle market ranges from lightweight Special Forces vehicles such as Toyota Land Cruisers to very large 30-40ton Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC's) and Main Battle Tanks (MBT's) which make up an annual market value of about $20billion.eVTOL Aircraft are moving towards commercial use with over 400 current projects. ABBS is tasked by EASA and EUROCAE to draft the safety regulations for emergency descent arrest systems.As we move towards commercialisation of our protection systems, funding is required for marketing, further R&D, maintaining and expanding the IP/patent portfolio as well as expanding our ability to produce the components required for our solutions.==Team==Roger Sloman - CEO: Inventor & serial entrepreneur, 54% shareholder. Introduced carbon fibre to F1 motor racing in 1975, identified need for Active Mine Protection system in 2008 & eVTOL Active Safety system in 2013. Invested £2m cash to date. Leads on R&D & marketing. Sole founder of ABBS in 2009Dr Brian Coaker - Technical Manager (Consultant): Chartered Engineer & Scientist, technical development of sensors, initiation, and electronic systemsDavid Staveley - Chairman & Director: International business background. Leads on deal negotiationsPaul Jenkinson - Director (Part-time): MBA, angel Investor. Supports planning & funding arrangementsDavid Field - Director (Part-time): R&D Grant funding expert. Writes new proposals and manages the projectsSimon Flear - Advisor: Chartered Accountant. Prepares forecastsRocky Kmiecik - US Advisor: Ex Deputy Head Mounted Requirements at the US Army Manoeuvre Centre of ExcellenceRich Mellor - Company Secretary: Company regulation, marketing, board & shareholder support