ALVÁTECH is a sustainable water-tech company on a mission to revolutionize the $1.3 trillion PA agriculture industry. Since product launching in August 2020, they've installed their water treatment devices in 17 countries across 6 continents & established an international distribution network. Join them on their mission to help farmers battle climate change & hunger.* Global agriculture industry valued at $1.3trillion with 537 million farmers* Installations in 17 countries, across 6 continents. Patent pending in the US.* Distribution agreements signed in Latin America, Africa, Asia, USA, Europe & the Middle East* Led by an expert international arid land agronomist & experienced team==Idea==

We are on the verge of a global food crisis. Rapid population growth & global warming have seen water withdrawals triple over the last 50 years. This is due to the rapid increase in irrigation development stimulated by heightened food demand. Shockingly, it takes about 125 litres of water to grow only one apple and an astonishing 600 litres are needed to produce one loaf of bread.We see our core client as the biggest industry in the world: Agriculture. A $1.3 trillion annual revenue industry with over 1 billion workers, an industry that's also at the route of the issue, using 70% of the global water consumption.Our innovative, sustainable technology disrupts water molecules in an ecological way, helping farmers to grow more with less water. The plug and play solution runs entirely off solar energy and is chemical-free. We aim to work with governments and NGOs to help the world's 537 million farmers save water with an aim to achieve greater food and nutrition security worldwide.ALVÁTECH is growing and has a clear plan to expand its global operations. Raising equity to expand its distribution network, sales teams and subscription plans so it can reach more farmers and develop new devices, Hydro devices for vertical farming & hydroponics and create ALVÁ personal home devices.Join us on our mission to become a global market leader and create a long-lasting green legacy.==Team==Zac Gazit, Co-Founder CEOZac is passionate about tech & innovation as he is with sales & management. His goal is to increase the company’s global expansion while creating a green legacy. Zac has an MBA with a major in marketing & brings onboard years of experience in management.Yuval Chen, Co-Founder, CTO & Chief AgronomistAn international arid land agronomy expert. Yuval brings decades of experience working with research centres, global corporates & with farmers. Yuval marries the needs of farmers in the field with science & practicality to create ALVÁTECH's solutions. Yuval drives to be at the cutting edge of innovation.Zahid Anwar, Co-Founder, CFODynamic finance leader with a track record of identifying market opportunities, value creation, capital structuring, leading strategic innovation & streamlining processes. Winner of awards in finance in 2018, 2019 & more recently in 2020 received Finance Monthly's CFO Global Excellence award.Simon Brown, Head of SalesSimon has endless energy & appetite for sales. With experience working in a highly complex regulated firm, managing hundreds of clients, Simon's on a mission to establish a world-class distribution & sales organisation.Shirley Silva, Operations ManagerShirley loves processes & operations. Her previous experience in optimisation of systems and start-ups is a real asset to ALVÁTECH's growing global distribution network.