AQai is an Adaptability Quotient (AQ) assessment & coaching platform. Personal report dashboards show how people adapt to change. It provides insights that will make it easy to understand & improve, all supported by our conversational chatbot UX.AQai has secured paid pilots with multiple large corporates like GSK.* Users from over 52 countries & from organisations like GSK, Philips, & Fedex* Partnerships with companies based in India, UAE, Europe and the USA* Backed by multiple entrepreneurial investors* Adaptability, most in-demand skill according to surveys by Linkedin & IBM==Idea==

You've heard of IQ & EQ, say hello to AQ - Adaptability Quotient. The measurement of how people effectively respond to uncertainty & change. We believe that employees & teams aren’t adapting quickly enough, causing stress, anxiety & company collapses.* "40% of jobs that exist today will not exist in 10 years time" - WEF* "375 million may need to switch occupations and learn new skills" - McKinseyOur mission is to ensure no-one is left behind, & that’s why we created our platform.High Demand & Perfect TimingAdapt or die - Many industries are being disrupted across the world. The level of work displacement is unprecedented. The need for people to upskill & reskill is a global opportunity. AQai assesses and improves workforce adaptability. Across 15 dimensions inc: resilience, grit & unlearning, to motivation style, hope, & stress.Adaptability and AQ is an important measure for future success.The concept of AQ has been featured in Inc, Forbes, HBR, the BBC, and countless global news streams. It has been considered as ‘the new competitive advantage’ HBR - At AQai we aim to be one of the leading companiesin this $21B opportunity.UK trademark of AQ, & US & international patent pending.How we generate revenue* AQ assessments fee per user based on volume (2,500 assessments sold to date)* Subscription to personalised ai-coaching* Licencing - certification for coaches & consultants==Team==Ross Thornley - Co-Founder & CEO: The host of Decoding AQ podcast, and leading brand strategist. An entrepreneur with 20 years experience, successfully founding, scaling, and exiting a brand & marketing agency with global clients and a team of 25. Author of 'Moonshot Innovation' & 'AQ Decoded'.Mike Raven - Co-Founder & Partnerships: Worked with Ross for over 7 years and extensive experience in marketing, innovation, sales, and partnerships. Passionate about sustainability, health, and the future of work.Charlie Penwarden - Product Lead: Former mental health and digital transformation practitioner,. Experience in neuromarketing. Focussed on technology, AI, chatbots, and marketing for the last 6 years.Dr. Nicolas Deuschel - Head of Research contractor & Advisor: Professor of Organizational Behavior & HR Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. And past global VP of HR strategy in fortune 500 company.Zee West - Head of Innovation & Investor Relations (Part-Time): With a passion for people & community building. Background in Managing Innovation hubs, Tech for good, and a Fintech Influencer in London.Taylor Fiscus - HR & People Operations (Part-Time): MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology. A former White House Deputy Associate Director.