ATWEC Technologies, Inc. operates as a child safety and security technology company in Tennessee and internationally. It offers child safety solutions to schools and day care centers. The company's products include commercial backup system, a voice activated backup system with a piercing sound of 115 decibals to warn the pedestrian to stand clear; KV-3 child reminder system, helps transportation drivers to actively check their vehicles for children and seniors who may not have gotten out of the vehicle; KV-4 child reminder system, a RFID Technology that deactivates the system; KV-X sterilization system, a 2 stage sanitizer module that utilizes a UVC module to disinfect air; and KVX-4 complete child reminder system which utilizes a UVc module to disinfect air the entire time the vehicle is operating. The company was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.