Autonomous delivery is here. Meet Kar-go, one of the world's first street-legal, self-driving delivery vehicles. You buy something online and this eco-friendly machine drives itself to your house & delivers the package autonomously - bringing convenience and cutting the cost of e-commerce deliveries

  • Fully approved by the DVSA to drive on the roads in the UK
  • Deployed in trials with the Royal Air Force, cash position of £2M
  • Government-backed with paid commercial partnerships in progress
  • Providing a delivery solution for the $4 trillion ecommerce industry


The multi-trillion $ eCommerce market is growing fast. Consumers want convenience without cost, but the “last mile” remains the most expensive part of logistics & it's not just a retail problem. Imagine you’re a major global organisation with turnover in the billions. The cost of moving things from A-B is millions per quarter. Autonomous deliveries will slash this cost, but, as most major tech & car companies focus on B2C solutions like robotaxis first, the retail industry has to wait.

Academy of Robotics is a technology company providing Autonomous Vehicle Technology as a Service for large organisations - enabling them to simply plug-in our tech, delivering automated vehicle solutions in weeks, not years. They can license our self-driving Kar-go vehicles; our command hub monitoring facility; or we could automate a partner's existing electric fleet.

And we move fast..

Within 6 months of unveiling our Kar-go vehicle at Goodwood in 2019, we agreed a partnership with part of the Vinci group to use our system in road maintenance.

1 year on:

  • Kar-go was licensed as street legal by the DVLA in the UK;
  • we had developed our first Command Hub integration for remote operation & added safety provision
  • and we were on the roads making deliveries in a government-backed trial.

Kar-go received an overwhelmingly positive reception from the public & media.

Now we’re scaling up to meet demand.


When his company, MyCityVenue, was acquired by Secret Escapes, CEO William Sachiti set out to solve one of the greatest problems felt by the greatest number: the last mile problem. To investigate potential AI solutions he enrolled at the University of Aberystwyth.

There he met Dr. Aparajit Narayan, who was completing his PhD in AI for Driverless Systems (with a focus on navigation on unmarked roads) and his professor, Dr. Elio Tuci, a highly respected academic expert in the field of Automation & Autonomous Machines. In 2016 they founded the Academy of Robotics.

5 years on, Dr. Narayan, leads the driverless architecture of the system along with the company's Lead Scientist, Dr. Tuci. Dr Tuci has now co-authored 89 peer-reviewed scientific publications and is also Assistant Professor at the University of Namur in Belgium.

William is full time on the business with the other other team members working as contractors when their expertise is needed. The core team have been working together for +3 years.

They're joined by experts such as:

Chief Designer, Paul Burgess, an award-winning former F1 car designer.

Head Roboticist, Paul Levene, an experienced roboticist whose work includes advanced precision systems.

Senior Advisor, Nick Magliocchetti, Founder of Whitespace Ventures, a London VC firm.