Accexible aims to help the ⅔ of people with mild cognitive impairment who traditionally miss dementia diagnosis. Their patent-pending platform has >93% accuracy & is currently being tested by a Spanish NHS Hospital. Raising funds to accelerate their mission to better the lives of the 10m+ people diagnosed each year.

  • More than 93% accuracy, reducing time to diagnose by half
  • Spanish NHS is testing Accexible as a screening dementia tool in one hospital
  • Secured contract with the Neurology Unit at Quiron Hospital
  • 500k+ raised capital including a prestigious Spanish NEOTEC grant


Someone in the world develops dementia every 3 seconds. Seeing the global epidemic of dementia increasing, with 50m cases globally and 10m new cases annually, we knew we could create something better than the paper-based screening tests currently used for diagnosis.

Since launching Accexible in 2017, our aim has been to enable earlier diagnosis and action to help the 2/3 of people with mild cognitive impairment who are not diagnosed, 38% of whom will develop dementia in 5 years. Missing earlier diagnosis also limits the effectiveness of treatment.

We have developed a platform that detects and monitors dementia through speech analysis using AI algorithms of standardized tests. These tests, which can be done on any device with an internet connection and a microphone, can detect early dementia with >93% accuracy in minutes.

The platform has performed over 3000 neuropsychological tests and has been tested in different environments, including primary care and telehealth services. It has received its CE marking and is patent-pending, and we are in conversations to build partnerships with telemedicine providers to roll out in a B2C model.

In 2021 we aim to go to the US Market (FDA) with our competitive advantage of higher accuracy rates. Funds from this round will also help us to accelerate time to market in the EU.

Join us on our mission to digitise the world of dementia diagnosis.


Part of Barcelona Health Hub, we are a team with technical, medical, financial and entrepreneurial skills. Accexible has been selected to be accelerated in the CIC in Cambridge (MA, USA), and is part of an EIT health mentorship program.

Carla Zaldua (CEO) has extensive experience in bringing R+D projects to market, all of which use technology to have a positive impact on society. She holds an MSc in Communications from the London School of Economics.

Javier Zaldua (CTO) has 18 years experience in banking and finance, leading commercial teams in strategic projects. He decided to found Accexible in order to apply artificial intelligence as a tool to support healthy ageing.

Javier Jimenez (Part-time) has a degree in Physics and a Master’s degree in AI and Deep Learning. He has been collaborating with Accexible for 2 years.

Pablo de la Guardia (Part-time), exAccenture, decided to go solo and develop Customer Analytics for startups. He has collaborated with Accexible since the start.

Donald A. Davidoff (Advisor), Head of Department Neuropsychology at McLean Hospital and Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Harvard Medical School, aids Accexible in gaining insight on user stories on diagnosing mild cognitive impairment in early stages.

Alberto J. Coca (Advisor) is Professor of Statistics at the University of Cambridge. He contributes by helping to define Accexible’s modelling strategy.