B2B tracking marketplace for the manufacturing excess materials.


Every year, the UK manufacturing industry disposes of more than 12.3 Mt of valuable work-in-progress and excess raw materials. The industrial ecosystem lacks a cross-organizational resource sharing infrastructure to deal with such surplus. Without it, these surplus materials cannot be optimally shared due to poor communication, transparency and security.

Agave Networks is a B2B blockchain-tracking marketplace that rewards manufacturing companies for upscaling their excess materials as higher-value alternatives. By creating an excess material-digital copy & securely selling it on our marketplace, SME manufacturers earn additional revenue, reduce their environmental footprint and get full traceability of their excess-material flows.

Business modelEdit

The Agave BM is sub-divided into three main income streams: 1) % of commission on the excess materials transactions 2) Monthly subscription, including verification of the supplier, access to the marketplace and initial tokens offerings 3) % of commission for external developers in the platform (case to case basis)


Agave Networks is the only organic excess-materials marketplace for the food manufacturing industry that matches upscaling opportunities and aggregates the supply and demand of the materials. Several 'eBay for excess materials' have evolved, having no success by lacking the supply and demand aggregation.


We are two complimentary-skilled brothers with solid bonds who have co-founded several businesses across our lifetimes. We created and exited Krieger67 with over 500k USD in revenue, a Mexican excess products commercialization company that gave us the vision, experience and funds to start this new venture.


  • Soft commitment from +10 SME manufacturers and +50 positive feedback interviews
  • Advisory support from the Chief Supply Chain Officer and Head of ESG at Imperial Brands Plc.
  • Built initial Agave Networks platform prototype
  • Generated +$500k USD in excess materials sold from manufacturers with a previous founded company in the same industry.