Aristopet is an e-commerce platform in Spain offering premium pet care online, taking into account the lifestyle of pet owners. Launched into a growing market in 2016, their number of transactions have grown by 175% in the first 5 months of 2020 vs 2019 and have already had over 1,000 customers this year which is 93.4% of all 2019 customers. Raising now to invest in talent, tech and marketing.

  • Pet Care sector is quickly expanding & one of the fastest growing online channels +15%
  • One of the leading players in the Spanish premium pet-care segment
  • Community of 33,000+ followers in our Social Networks
  • Brand awareness - Have worked with Iberia, Subaru, Verti and others


In Spain there are more than 28 million pets, with more than 40% of homes owning a domestic animal. This figure has grown steadily in the last 10 years, however it is still lower than other EU countries like France, Italy and UK. The Spanish pet industry market is valued at €2bn.

Launched in 2016, Aristopet e-commerce offers an exclusive selection of premium quality pet products, from basics to designer, to a community of pet lovers, listing +5500 premium products, from dozens of national and international suppliers.

Our e-commerce platform saw an increase of 175%+ of customers from January-May 2020 vs same time period in 2019. We also had nearly the same amount of customers sign up in this period of 2020 compared to the whole of 2019.

We also connect and nurture our community with quality content, allowing other brands the possibility to connect with the community using branded content - an additional revenue stream.

We have built a community of +33K followers and worked with brands like Iberia, Subaru, Verti and others. We aim to create informative content and connective experiences like ARISTOTALKS, PET LOVER DAY or POP UPS ARISTOPET for the Aristopetters community.

We are raising funds now to boost the next stage of growth for Aristopet, investing in talent, technology and marketing. Our ambition is to become the go-to platform in the sector, providing the best user experience.



Entrepreneur from the beginning with more than 20 years of experience in marketing. Participated in the launch of several startups, had her own editorial magazine, and was director of marketing for more than 10 years meta4, vasives, amaranto Consultores,


Former marketing director of Walmart and member of the Executive Committee in Carrefour. Co-founder of ShopAdvizor, he has international retail marketing agency that developed innovative programs for retailers in 15 countries and 10 different languages, engaging 250 million consumers.

MARTA ELGUERO, E-Commerce Manager

Background in e-commerce and digital marketing, including as a Community Manager and writer for brands such as App Redes, Castilla and León TV.

GUILLERMO WALLACE, Community Manager (Part-time)

Experience as community manager and copywriter.


As with any investment, investing in Aristopet carries a level of risk. Overall, based on the key risks highlighted below, the degree of risk associated with an investment in Aristopet is higher than in a company that's trading on a public market.

Early-stage investmentEdit

Aristopet is at one of the earliest stages of the business lifecycle, and the failure rate of companies at that stage is usually much higher than those at a later stage.

Illiquid investmentEdit

The number of transactions in shares of private companies is usually significantly lower than in public companies, typically resulting in it taking longer to sell shares in private companies at a price that is at least equal to the price that the shares were bought at. Accordingly, the Aristopet investment opportunity is considered to be higher risk than more liquid companies.

References and notesEdit

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