BaseBrand provides businesses with a cost effect, streamlined method in creating, controlling and collaborating their brand & marketing content at scale.


  • Platform is built
  • Achieving sales
  • Ready to launch subscription model
  • Excellent feedback from existing / potential customers

Pitch detailsEdit

The BusinessEdit

Brand creation, management and protection are vital in today’s world. However, with the vast array of marketing channels available this is becoming increasingly difficult to control - and expensive!

As businesses grow, brand evolves and new creative ideas are injected, this becomes an even bigger problem. Businesses spend millions of pounds every year on outsourcing fees to creative agencies for their brand marketing material. These processes are convoluted with significant turnaround times & fees attached.

BaseBrand provides businesses with an in-house method of creating content for digital, social, HTML, print and video. Built-in workflows, brand protection and real-time collaboration ensure that brands are never diluted globally.

The MarketEdit

Global marketing & advertising spending is forecast to recover to 5.8% growth in 2021, reaching a total of US$579 billion.

  • The world’s 25 largest agency companies had a 2019 U.S Revenue of US$54 billion.
  • Technology currently accounts for the largest proportion of marketing budgets (26.2%) - spending on marketing automation tools is projected to exceed US$25 billion by 2023.
  • The pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital’s share of marketing spend. Businesses are looking at tech to seamlessly take care of marketing tasks (across multiple locations)

Our USP Adobe holds a monopoly on publishing software for designers. Using an open-source file format, BaseBrand imports Adobe files direct to allow editing to be made in the browser.


  • The platform is built and in the commercial marketplace.
  • BaseBrand has gained positive traction and now being used by Scottish Enterprise and Business Gateway.
  • Already partnered with a number of large corporates including RBS, Natwest & COSLA and in conversation/trials with many others including SAMH, Police Scotland, Uefa, Radancy & University of Strathclyde.


BaseBrand already has a number of large customers on board and will target further revenue growth and growth opportunities with its existing client base.

As well as existing customers, BaseBrand will target prospective clients currently using the “business to agency” relationship, by focusing on licensing its software to blue-chip clients to ensure quicker market penetration. To do this BaseBrand will use the funding to scale up its sales force as well as invest heavily in the development and office (finance, marketing, etc.) teams.

BaseBrand will also significantly increase its PR, BD and marketing spend to raise awareness of the platform and penetrate its target markets.

The TeamEdit

The BaseBrand team has extensive knowledge in brand, marketing and software development. Debra and Alan have many years of experience at the agency level as well as running their own creative businesses. Our team is passionate and committed to delivering an exceptional platform for businesses to base their brand. Each member of the team is full-time and based in Glasgow (Scotland). Every aspect of the platform has been developed in-house - nothing is outsourced.

Managing DirectorEdit

Debra Murphy

Debra has been working within the brand and digital industry for over fifteen years. She ran her own creative agency for fifteen years - Algiz. Prior to forming Algiz and BaseBrand, Debra graduated with a degree in Interactive Media. Since then, she has worked for numerous UK leaders in design and interactive media, and directed a series of projects. She has assumed the roles of lead graphics coordinator, creative director and account manager in a variety of challenging environments. She played a key part in projects involving British Airways’ Interactive TV Channel, in-flight entertainment for SITA, AA Multimedia, RBS, BBC, Wayland Publishing and Time Warner Interactive.

Technical DirectorEdit

Seumus Blair

Seumus’s inquisitive nature led him to programming around 15 years ago; tackling self induced projects ranging from reverse engineering C# games, to early web based scripting. Those early self-taught years have been hugely beneficial in setting his ever-growing, diverse, knowledge base in multiple languages and frameworks - including: Java, React, PHP, Ruby & JavaScript. While studying Mobile Application Development (MSc), he realised the full potential in JavaScript - it was this realisation that propelled him into honing his knowledge in this language in particular. Seumus has a unique approach to any problem, deeming nothing impossible with the right level of determination.


Alan Fraser

Alan has spent over 30 years cultivating success in the advertising and marketing industry, delivering the highest level of creative intelligence in design and digital. The majority of Alan’s career has been spent leading businesses from an executive position, and he has earned his status as a figure of respect and authority in the industry through dramatic successes such as relaunching a group business comprising of five distinct divisions in 2010, taking the marketing division from nothing to an annualised turnover of £1.5 million in just six months.

Senior DeveloperEdit

Stiubhart Deans

Stiubhart graduated in Computer Science from Robert Gordon University in 2012. In Stiubhart's career as a PHP developer he has been personally responsible for several key innovations, thanks to his holistic approach to big picture technical solutions. Calling on his passion for not just software engineering, he has surpassed his coding peers with his cross-disciplinary approach, and time after time has seen inventive solutions where others see only problems. His extensive knowledge and comprehensive technical ability make him a prized asset, providing framework and development for everything at BaseBrand. avatar

Director of OperationsEdit

Iain Lindsay

Iain has an indispensable depth and array of knowledge in the creative and marketing industry. He has time and again led varying creative teams. Iain has been heavily involved in all aspects of branding, marketing and communication, and has been duly recognised by the industry for delivering levels of creative excellence. Boasting such a broad range of achievements within the fast-paced creative environment, Iain has worked on global brands including healthcare, technology, corporate, events & leisure and political parties.

The DealEdit

Looking for £1,000,000 - Min per Investor £20,000.


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