Fintech app reinventing how families save & invest for their kids' future, making it easy and affordable.


  • 12K registered users and >£5m in AUM (Assets Under Management)
  • >350% growth in assets in 2021.
  • Part of KidStart, an established business with turnover of >£1m [1]
  • Experienced founders – creators of financial service products


Despite a mass adoption of fintech amongst consumers, child savings products have been slow to catch up.

Built on an innovative 'family view' and technology, Beanstalk is changing this by making it really easy for all parents, whatever their means, to build a nest egg for their children’s future.

With its simple app it takes a minute or two for a parent to open accounts for their children or themselves. There are lots of tools to help put money away including open banking powered round-ups and instant top-ups, cashback at 2k+ retailers, friends & family gifting, and through its unique invite tool, grandparents (and others) can link and contribute directly to the child's account.

No minimum or regular contribution is required, and Beanstalk charges an annual fee of 0.5% on assets.

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Substantial accomplishments to dateEdit

Beanstalk is part of KidStart, a child savings-linked cashback business that has been established for 14 years and has two experienced founders with a background in disruptive financial services and products, and knowledge of the parenting market.

Investors are being offered shares in KidStart with proceeds supporting development of the brand, Beanstalk.

Since launching Beanstalk in 2020, we’ve achieved:

  • 12K registered users
  • >£5m of Assets Under Management (AUM)
  • >350% growth in AUM (2020-21)
  • 4.6 Trustpilot rating

KidStart gives us an engaged, readily-accessible audience to convert as Beanstalk users, as well as a cohort of reputable brands to market with.

KidStart has:

  • more than 1.4m registrations
  • 700k users who have double opt-ins to receive emails
  • 176k have shopped through Kidstart's website, spending over £400m

Sub Accomp new image.jpeg

Monetisation strategyEdit

Underpinning Beanstalk, there is a unique view of family relationships and wealth which Beanstalk plans to use to open up large scale opportunities in broader family wealth and intergenerational transfers.

Revenue model:

• Beanstalk charges customers an annual fee of 0.5% of assets

• KidStart charges retailers for promotional activity and collect share of affiliate commissions on shopping

• Free switch service lets us take on existing JISA & Child Trust Fund accounts

• Potential market of £5bn in existing JISA assets and £7bn in Child Trust Fund assets, plus a 5 year average of 735k new children born each year in the UK

• Additional revenue from cross sales planned for future

Use of proceedsEdit

We’re now looking to scale Beanstalk through customer acquisition and partnerships.

The plan is to use the majority of funds (75%) on marketing, increasing spend on digital / affiliate channels that are already delivering NPV positive customers, expanding PR and adding new marketing channels to the mix.

In support, 10% will be committed to strengthening the partnership / marketing team.

15% will be spent on adding new features to the app, including additional payment options, different fund options, new savings tools and introductions to third party offers.


  1. Based on unaudited management accounts.