Launched by a former finance professional and crypto-experienced senior developers in 2018, BitcoinPoint enables anyone to buy Bitcoin easily. The idea originated from the frustrations with the complex registration on crypto exchanges and the extremely high fees non-tech savvy users encountered with Bitcoin ATMs

  • We're bringing access to Bitcoin online, in stores and via ATMs
  • We developed a Bitcoin Online Wallet uniquely without network fees
  • Designed as a solution for the non-tech savvy & the unbanked
  • We're on a mission to disrupt the Money Transfer industry


The head of the world’s largest asset manager (Blackrock) said Bitcoin can evolve into a global market asset. At BitcoinPoint we believe this is a monetary revolution & we are taking a holistic view by creating an ecosystem of agents, POS & ATMs to make it easier to acquire crypto & even use it for remittances.

BitcoinPoint’s mission is to:

  • create the Western Union of crypto
  • connect to the global payment system: bank accounts & cards

Key achievements:

  • 21,500+ transactions & 2,500+ accounts
  • Apr '21; Agreement signed to connect to 320k locations globally
  • Dec '20; allowed the selling of bitcoin & withdrawal of cash through one of the largest UK ATM network with 16k ATMs
  • Summer '20; launched an instant bank transfer feature (Open Banking technology)
  • Q1 '20, the platform was supporting a network of 25 agents reaching over £200k in monthly transactions prior to lockdown. Down to 7 agents & £58k on transactions in Feb '21 (YE Mar 21: Rev: £47.8k, EBITDA -£24k)
  • March '18, we released a Bitcoin Online Wallet with zero network fees when clients buy

Business development:

  • Advanced talks with a Point Of Sale company to increase the UK network of agents
  • Aim to build a remittance service leveraging our crypto expertise (through Bitcoin & the Stellar blockchain with stablecoins) to allow cross-border instant transfer
  • In discussions with banking & retail partners in other countries


Benoit Marzouk, Co-Founder & CEO

After 9 years’ experience as an Equity Financing trader, Benoit worked as a UK country manager at a start up and in product management at Fidelity Information Services.

Michael Marzouk, Co-Founder & CTO

Engineer & software developer. He is an architecture specialist and built an Algorithmic Trading platform with 80+ crypto exchanges, and Wirk, the leading Mechanical Turk platform.

Oleg Yakovlev Co-Founder & Lead Engineer

Oleg has been an R&D Engineer at Electrolux and was on the front line implementing innovative ideas. He was also involved in security analysis of a bitcoin monitoring tool for a mining farm.

Kamil Avil - Head of Risk & Compliance

Kamil has 14+ years of experience in the Money Transfer industry (RIA, Western Union) and is Deputy MLRO at a subsidiary of Euronet.

Emily Pharez - Communication & Marketing (Part-time), Junior Project Manager at Prudential.

Kyle Trimble (Part-time), Data Officer liaising with compliance team, working at FactSet optimising models

Brett Old (Part-time), in charge of compliance matters. Loan Administrator at Creditstar


Giles Custerson has been Managing Director at Eurochange (NM Money), valuable knowledge of the FX industry

Sean Downey experienced CFO &has assisted the company on the financial side

Sadiq Razak is a partner of an FCA regulated firm specialised in emerging capital markets & digital assets