Aiming to bring transparency to the world of finance, Bitstocks has harnessed public ledger technology to create a new kind of financial ecosystem - an alternative to opaque legacy banking systems. Having launched Gravity in public beta in Feb 2020, it already has customers in over 25 countries.

  • Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as an EMD Agent of Modulr
  • Integrated with Faster Payment System & Single Euro Payments Area provider
  • 1,800+ registered customers, with 650+ joining through referrals
  • 9000+ successful trades in 2020


Do you trust your bank? 62% of those asked in our research weren’t sure if banks had their best interests at heart, but 76% of UK adults use online banking - that’s a huge swathe of people using services they don’t really trust. Bitstocks is here to provide an alternative.

We’re developing an app-based banking experience; which will go on to include savings & loans - built entirely on the blockchain. Why use blockchain? Proof of solvency at the touch of a button, the ability to transact in micropayments & online payments with the privacy of cash - we want to bring you the benefits of Bitcoin in a Personal Account format that’s simple & accessible.

Established 2014 as a Bitcoin investment house, Bitstocks has evolved into a fintech on a mission to Educate - through our media, Empower - through our products & Evolve - through our research.

Our product, Gravity, currently offers BSV, BTC, GBP & EUR pairings, with investment accounts for customers to buy, sell & store Bitcoin. This custom-built system is our foundation - it’s the infrastructure to support our concept for a transparent banking system.

Your investment will help us scale & develop the next phase of Gravity, including our distinctive solvency & transparency feature, a stablecoin to enable tokenised global micropayments & Personal Accounts, debit cards, savings & loans.

Join us in creating a consciously connected future!


Michael Hudson, Founder & CEO

Michael is a tech entrepreneur with an understanding of Bitcoin beyond the typical industry view. A regular speaker at conferences, he represented the industry at the Houses of Parliament & was recently featured in Forbes

David Arakelian, CTO

Programmer David is responsible for all aspects of development, with a track record of 0 security breaches in Bitstocks’ 6-year history

Elia Yousif, iCFO

Using crypto-centric settlements, Elia pioneered the way we manage our accounts & is now responsible for all financial aspects of the business

Julien Riposo, CRO

With a PhD in Applied Mathematics, Julien joined Bitstocks to focus on the R&D of the tech behind the Bitcoin ecosystem

Emmanuel Alamu, Head of Product & Sales

Formerly of Goldman Sachs & CoinFLEX, Emmanuel steers the product roadmap in line with market requirements & business objectives

Anish Patel, Head of Compliance

Anish has worked in financial compliance for 7 years & is passionate about creating infrastructure that meets all regulations

Nicola Shillingford, Head of Marketing

Steering the brand from start-up to scale-up, Nicola was quick to re-develop the strategy & adopt a data-driven approach

Damien Hartley-Swan, Head of Design & Brand

Damien has a wealth of experience across UX/UI, web & graphic design, which he used to create the Gravity user interface & experience