Blind Cupid is a disruptive personal matchmaker that uses systematic philosophy and AI with an 80% success rate to date. Our market has 91m annual users, is worth £4.65bn (2020; £7.68bn by 2026), and is booming despite Covid. Blind Cupid is well-positioned for growth.

  • 80% success rate - 4/5 beta users met their partner on Blind Cupid
  • Team with extensive experience in founding and launching start-ups
  • Beta users said they would pay more for Blind Cupid than other products
  • Market worth £4.65bn, growing to £7.68bn by 2026


The Problem: Our research suggests that the average dating app user spends 82 hours per year traveling to, and going on, bad dates - excluding time spent on the apps. We believe that Blind Cupid is the solution to these huge market demands.

The Company: Blind Cupid is a revolutionary matchmaking app that has found 80% of its users their long-term partners with the very first match[1]. We do this by asking our users high-quality, short, and introspective questions that reveal what we call your ‘sense of life’; with our AI then analysing our users’ communication style. This is, however, not it's only application!

Our AI can power totally different markets by enabling customers of, for example, Amazon to speak to their app and be provided with more accurate search results than the search-bar. Our business and revenue model is consequentially multifaceted. We aim to patent this AI and ultimately seek to licence it out to the world’s top companies.

The Market: The global matchmaking market has 91 million users, is rapidly and consistently growing, and is currently worth £4.65bn (2020), with a projected value of £7.68bn by 2026. We believe we have all the right tools to take advantage of this.

The Opportunity: We are offering investors the opportunity to be part of the next generation of matchmaking and artificial intelligence.


CEO: Alexander Mitchell. Undertook five years of research into Blind Cupid which took him all over the world from universities to think-tanks and has put together an exciting team for an exciting product.

AI Officer: Tom Strange. Has created advanced digital beings and is former CEO of groundbreaking AI company Constellation AI.

Commercial Director: Stephen Sykes. Launched 10 successful startups, achieving a number of exits. His first company was valued at $200m.

CTO: Pawel Kamiski. 15 years' experience building the newest and most innovative products.

Product Manager: Joe Dempsey. Extensive experience in creating and launching start-ups.

R&D Engineer: Filip Wodnicki. Years of experience researching and creating AI.

Innovation Advisor: Dr. Muthu de Silva. Expert in innovation and entrepreneurship with a specialised focus on start-up success. Muthu trains student entrepreneurs (including, previously, Alexander).

References and notesEdit

  1. based on a beta test of 100 users.