bnc10 is the new fintech challenger from Barcelona. In less than 9 months, bnc10 has reached 40,000 active customers who have spent +€20m. As an obtainable alternative to traditional banks, bnc10 is the first Spanish fintech to offer fully digital shared accounts, P2P payments and current account together.

  • +40,000 Active Customers & +240,000 Downloads
  • €20M worth of transactions in less than 9 months since launch
  • First Spanish fintech to offer shared accounts, P2P and current accounts
  • In less than 10mins a new user can create an account, top up and pay


Since launch 9 months ago, bnc10 has grown rapidly, hitting 40,000 active customers not only in the home market of Barcelona and Spain, but also in more than 20 countries across Europe.

The combination of Apple & Google Pay, instant top-up, Spanish IBAN, P2P payments and shared accounts make it a strong alternative to traditional banks. An account can be opened, topped up and first payment made in the time it takes to have a coffee.

Alongside, our anticipated shared accounts service enables bnc10 to target users from 25 to 50 years old who might share a flat, are young parents or in a relationship allowing maximum flexibility to share their everyday expenses.

bnc10 has developed its entire platform internally enabling fast development and products, leveraging Fintech partners like Mastercard, PFS and Mitek.

In bnc10 we make it happen:

  • June 2019: Fast development in 12 months partnering with MasterCard and PFS
  • Oct 2019: Public launch with Spanish IBAN, Prepaid Card and P2P payments
  • Mar 2020: Google & Apple Pay launch in the middle of Covid break
  • May 2020: Launch of the first 100% digital shared account in Spain
  • July 2020: Customer Support in Whatsapp and Telegram

Next steps: bnc10 plans to keep growing in the home market of Spain, with expansion throughout Europe and Latin America, obtain its own EMI licence and boost monetisation through pay-per-use premium products.


Albert Llorens Albareda, CEO

Digital professional with +7 years of banking experience in Spain and relevant experience in start-up, medium and large corporations in the field of Marketing & Digital. In 2016, he participated in the launch of imaginBank.MBA from IESE Business School.

William McCahey, COO

Finance professional with +10 years of banking and operations experience in Australia, the UK and Spain. Will, spent 9 years in the National Australia Bank and in the Fintech industry at Deposit Solutions. MBA from IESE Business School.

Albert Español, CTO

Tech professional, he is a serial entrepreneur founding 3 startups and 1 NGO and has helped companies improve their value propositions through product improvement in their early stages.

Gemma Gibert, CMO

Growth professinal, Gemma led the growth strategy of TKWW ( for more than 15 countries. Master in Digital Marketing from IM Digital Business School.

David Montanyà, CCO

Commercial professional with background in international trade and business expansion.

Manel Vallet, Chairman

Serial entrepreneur, Manel is the President of Catalonia Hotel & Resort Group, which operates+70 hotels and resorts in Europe & Caribbean. Manel also holds a Board seat at Fira Barcelona, responsible for hosting MWC.