Digital native, ambitious, global: Based in Barcelona and focused on sustainability and design, Brava Fabrics is on a mission to offer fashion with purpose. We estimate we have had over 60k clients worldwide since 2015, we have a track record of over €4.5M in Sales between 2015-2019, €2M of those in 2019 alone, and €11k EBITDA.

  • Capital efficient : We hit £5m revenue since 2015 with an investment of only £270K
  • An estimated 100.000 products sold in 110 countries
  • Known for product quality, sustainability & design: 4.8/5* rating
  • 113% Average annual growth rate in sales since launch in 2015


We believe that sustainable fashion is the only future of this industry and that details and creativity are essential to engage customers. We design fashion products for both men and women. Since 2015, we have created over 1000 products across 19 product categories, achieving €4.5M in sales since 2015 and positive EBITDA since 2018.

The apparel industry accounts for 10% of all greenhouse emissions worldwide, which is more than marine shipping and international flights combined. We believe customers, more than ever, are becoming aware to the true social and ecological cost of fast fashion with the garments they are wearing. That’s why ethical fashion is becoming niche to riche, and why 66% of shoppers are willing to pay more for a sustainable product.

We were born online, with our e-commerce business representing 70% of our sales. We've learned and mastered the digital business and have been featured as a Facebook success case 4 times. Brava strongly believe in the synergies of the omnichannel business, so we also have two brick and mortar stores (Barcelona and Madrid) and have received orders from more than 200 amazing wholesale stores.

We aim to multiply x5 our customer base by 2023. To do that we plan to build more and even better products, hire the best talent, invest in the best technology and continue growing our online business


Our vision is clear: we want to bring respect back to the fashion industry. Every individual involved in the creation of our garments and our brand as a whole deserves to be treated respectfully and fairly. This also extends to animals and our environment.

To achieve that vision, we count on the best team of professionals any founder can dream of. Engaged, smart, hardworking partners from 9 different nationalities who share with us the same goal. They've got many different backgrounds: fashion, sustainability, online business, IT and design, and they all add value to our proposal, working together like a Swiss clock.

We count on two consultants and investors who help us to identify future steps: Siesta Ventures, led by one of the founders of Olapic and sold for $120 million to Monotype, and Abac Partners, part of the successful Vueling.

Lastly, Ivan and Ramon, the two senior founders of Brava, have strongly prepared themselves for this venture. They have experience in +100M€ companies in management roles and they have created 3 other ventures before. Moreover, they have invested in their careers to be prepared for the incoming challenges (Top 20 worldwide MBA at ESADE business school) and they have completely complementary skills.

We really want our community to be part of our journey, and that's why we open our doors to individuals who share our ambitions.