BrewBroker aims to be the world’s biggest brewer, all without owning a brewery. Our online marketplace will enable anyone to buy & sell brewing services, making beer production smarter, more accessible & more profitable. Funding will be used for the continued development and launch of the platform.

  • Owners of Craft Beer Rising Festival & Big Hug on board as investors
  • Companies signed up include West Berkshire Brewery, UBREW & Kegstar
  • On a mission to increase business opportunities for brewers and brands
  • Member of the Society of Independent Brewers: network of 850 breweries


BrewBroker is an online marketplace for the brewing industry.

We will build our digital platform to enable any business or individual to buy and sell brewing services, whether they're a budding brewer experimenting with their first batch or an established brewery struggling to scale-up.

‘Contract brewing’ has allowed breweries and start-ups to save time, money and risk by hiring another brewery to produce and package their beer. But right now, there is no facilitator or technology to bring them together.

BrewBroker solves this problem. We believe the platform also allows breweries to export cost-effectively and ensures quality standards for contract services.

The market for BrewBroker is growing rapidly. In the UK, the industry has experienced 65% growth from 1,092 breweries in 2013 to over 1,700 today. That’s more breweries per capita than anywhere in the world.

The idea was conceived when co-founders Chris and Dan were struggling to find a brew partner for Big Hug Brewing. The team spent a year researching and working with breweries and suppliers to produce a prototype, before introducing the BrewBroker concept at the CBR17 trade event.

We’ve got some fantastic breweries & suppliers registering their interest including West Berkshire Brewery, UBrew & Kegstar. Now we’re giving you the opportunity to invest and help make us the biggest brewery in the world, without owning a brewery.


Toby Chantrell (Co-Founder - Director - Part-time)

Most of Toby’s career has been spent handling marketing for clients the likes of AB InBev, Diageo and Greene King. With Chris and Daniel, he has been involved in the Craft Beer Rising Festival, which has hosted 500 breweries since inception.

Ben Morgan-Smith (Co-Founder - Managing Director - Full-time subject to funding)

Ben is a digital solutions and marketing veteran with experience in senior management roles. He brings considerable experience of delivering online platforms to BrewBroker. Entrepreneurial, ambitious and strategic, he is our MD.

Daniel Rowntree (Advisor & Investor)

Daniel has spent his whole career in the alcohol industry, providing marketing for the likes of Bacardi and Pernod Ricard. He co-owns the craft beer brand Big Hug with Chris.

Chris Bayliss (Advisor & Investor)

In 2005, Chris founded drinks marketing agency, Elastic, which recently sold to Matthew Clark (who then sold to Conviviality Plc). He has a history of successful collaboration with his fellow BrewBrokers and network of industry contacts.

Kerys Morgan-Smith (Product Manager)

Kerys leads marketing and product development for the business. A meticulous project manager and marketer, she will oversee day-to-day development of the platform. (Technical partners)


Business model

- Transaction fees from buyers (4%)

- Quarterly subscription from suppliers (premium £200 / enterprise £600)

- 59 breweries and suppliers have registered their interest through our website to use the platform including, including West Berkshire Brewery who have a new contract brewing operation.

Use of funds

- Platform development - launching Q1 2018

- Sales and marketing

- Staff and operational costs

After 24 months perfecting the model in the UK, we’re planning another raise for a global roll out.

Funding history

The development of BrewBroker has been completely self-funded to date (£70k). There is no debt.


We anticipate exit opportunities after operating for five years, to a wholesaler, logistics company, brewery or online marketplace like Amazon.

For example, in 2015, logistics giant Brambles acquired 100% ownership of Kegstar (keg rental & logistics solutions for the beverage industry).