Bunker Mentality is devoted to golf & dedicated to style with an 18 year history of creating clothing that celebrates the great game of golf. With a 68K+ strong following of Bunker fans, the brand is ready to hit it hard. Raising to expand product range & increase international growth.

  • 2.5x increase in orders from 2019 to 2020, sold in over 55 countries
  • 4.8/5 star customer ratings on Feefo
  • Number of UK golfers grew from 2.1M to 5.2M 2020-2021
  • 53K combined social media fans & 15K active mailing list sign-ups


At Bunker Mentality we create clothing and events to celebrate our love of the great game. With a YoY growth of 147% UK golfers (2019-20), our premium golf fashion brand, for those devoted to the game and dedicated to style, aims to capture a new wave of golf culture.

The culture of golf has changed-the modern golfer is media-savvy, stylish-golfing isn't just a game but a lifestyle choice. As an established, successful brand selling to 55 countries, we believe it’s the ideal time to ramp up our growth in line with the huge uptake in golf globally.

We’ve had a 2.5x increase in orders from 2019 to 2020 (10.5k+ orders in 2020), with 69% of customers returning in 2021. Since inception, we’ve chosen to build a community rather than just customers, resulting in authentic fans who are natural brand advocates & help to carry our Bunker Mentality across the globe. We have 53K+ combined social media followers, who support not only our bold fashion range but our Bunker events too. These have included golf festivals, monthly meet-ups & a digital golf club of paid members.

We’re raising to optimise stock, produce new products, & to increase our marketing, content creation and events management.

There are millions of passionate golfers & we’re here to support a new wave of golf culture with a mentality that celebrates both the game and their lifestyle. It’s an old game with a new breed. Join us.


Whilst on a business trip Robert came across a 'golf lifestyle' magazine called Bogey. Suddenly there was a new view of golf and this was the catalyst that inspire them to create a golf brand called Bunker Mentality.

The brand launched with 7 graphic t-shirt designs with Harrods being one of their first customers. This was 18 years ago, and they haven't looked back. Obsessed with quality from the beginning, Robert hand pressed every one of the t-shirts ordered by another early customer, House of Fraser.

Tamasine Green, Co-founder

MD of Bunker Mentality for 15 years, instrumental in driving the business to where it is today.

Robert Hart, Co-founder

Creative Director of Bunker Mentality for over 15 years, leading all things creative within the business.

Moira Page, Finance Director (part time)

Heads up finances at Bunker Mentality, providing full finance management. Moira is ACMA and MAAT qualified, and a NED at England Golf.

Emma Hart, Design & Sourcing

Manages sourcing of fabrics, and design of products for Bunker Mentality. Emma previously worked for Pentex and Next and has a keen interest in sustainability.

Tom Davis, Logistics & Customer Care

Oversees all sales and warehouse admin at Bunker Mentality to ensure orders are processed and dispatched efficiently.