C-Major is aiming to bring to market a unique patented medical device, designed to prevent needle-stick injuries and the subsequent risk of illnesses such as HIV and Hepatitis. The company’s auto-retraction technology aims to disrupt the $5.5bn safety syringe market, which is growing at 9% each year.

  • £1m+ raised to date via Innovate UK grants and equity investment
  • Backed by the UK Innovation Seed Fund
  • Worldwide patents secured for innovative auto-retraction technology
  • Non-Exec Directors come with direct relevant safe syringe expertise


A needle-stick injury (NSI) occurs when a needle used on a patient cuts someone else’s skin. A global problem, over 2m people suffer a NSI every year and are at risk of contracting serious blood-borne viruses such as Hepatitis and HIV.

The most effective existing solutions are auto-retracting syringes where stored energy is used to retract the needle as quickly and safely as possible. However, when the needle springs back, it can result in blood splatter, meaning the blood (and any viruses it contains) can spread easily to others. As such, these solutions are used only for injections and not for aspirating (taking blood).

Since starting in 2018, C-Major has undertaken a number of user trials. Our “Controlled Helical Retraction Device” aims to be the first auto-retracting technology on the market for blood collection. The device contains a ‘helical track’ mechanism for controlled acceleration of the needle during retraction as well as a ‘sealed port’ to minimise splatter. This technology is fully patented in target markets and, upon securing regulatory approval, has a broad range of applications.

With the safety syringe market expected to be worth $8.4bn by 2024, we are now raising funds to complete the design for manufacture and assembly process ahead of a Series A round in 2021.


Dr Simon Douglas, Chairman

Simon is experienced in biotech both in blue chip and start-up Companies. He has raised funds through private equity and exited through trade sales and more recently as Chairman, listed a Company on the London AIM Market.

Andy Moss, CEO

With extensive experience in healthcare, Andy has gained significant experience in large corporate and start-up companies where his focus was on opening market access, progressing commercial development and nurturing partner engagement.

Aubrey Dunford, Projects Director

Aubrey has significant experience working with Philips Electronics in sales and marketing. He is a strategic marketing and planning consultant.

Stephen Dobson, COO (Part-time)

Steve has significant experience at director level with UK manufacturers in the industrial engineering sector.

Phil Brown, Technical Director (Part-time)

Phil previously worked at Philips Electronics. His experience spans across multiple disciplines including Technical development, manufacturing and product development.

Michael Loftus, Non-Executive Director

Extensive high volume manufacturing experience with Becton Dickinson the market leader in syringes including setting up auto-retraction syringe production.

Martin Jamieson, Non-Executive Director

Martin was the Managing Director of Smiths Medical International that offered one of the leading brands of safety syringes.