Loved by mums, CARiFiT is a postnatal wellbeing business with a differentiated approach on babywearing workouts. Delivering online sessions in 20+ countries and packed-out live classes in London, CARiFiT is raising to disrupt the online fitness market and enter the babywearing market with its first physical product.

  • Supported 4.5k+ new mums in 20+ countries; gained 200k+ followers on social media
  • The Global Digital Fitness market expected to reach $59Bn by 2027 & $23Bn babywearing market by 2025
  • Listed in the Royal College of GP's Clinical Lifestyle Toolkit
  • The research indicates it can improve postnatal depression, parent/baby bonding scores


CARiFiT is a hybrid fitness & wellness platform that aims to empower new mothers to strengthen their bodies, connect with others and bond with their newborn. What began as a live class concept in 2017 has now welcomed 4.5k+ mums to help to improve their physical recovery, mental health and confidence.

Our program has shown on university studies that we can help lower postnatal depression scores, speed physical recovery and enhance the parent-baby bond - earning us a listing in the Royal College of GPs clinical lifestyle toolkit.

The physical & digital fitness market is valued at $96.7bn and the babywearing market is valued at $23Bn by 2025 with a CAGR of 4.5%. We have supported 4.5k+ digital members to date, currently serving 800+ active users and have been featured in Women's Health, Harper's Bazaar, Mail+, Mother & Baby.

As a wellbeing partner for Ergobaby in 2018 & 2021, we are raising to launch our own baby carrier, start developing a new wellness app and extend our core offering. Combining a physical product with a digital-first, postnatal specific wellbeing platform would give CARiFiT a clear point of differentiation in 2 exciting spaces.

98% of users say that CARiFiT has made them happier, stronger & more confident parents. Join us today on our mission to support new mums!


Vern Hill, Founder & CEO

Sport Scientist and pre/post natal specialist with a PT background. Launched and ran a dedicated pre & post natal gym in London.

Samantha Cullum - COO (part-time)

Former Ops Director at Fitpro- led businesses set up, integration and expansion and the operational roll out of product and service in the UK, Europe and the US.

Vicky Mahony - Strategic advisor (part-time)

Fitness industry expert with deep experience of UX and programming across the fitness industry. Former Global Content manager at FitPro and first to spot the potential in CARiFiT.

Abbi Holland, Head of PR

Has been instrumental in the organic growth CARiFiT has seen via social media to date with combined social media following over 130k.

Dr Katherine Holt, Medical Director (part-time)

Medical input & oversight ensuring the postnatal journey is always appropriate. Kat will ensure our combination of medical, mental health and fitness professionals are deployed to the clients best interests providing impactful total health outcomes.

Carys Saidah, Strategic Advisor (part-time)

Mum of 3, 3x CARiFiTer and current Senior Manager at Accenture.

Hester Macanara - Head of Product (Babywearing) (part-time)

Founder of Close Parent Limited, manufacturers of multi-award winning carriers.