Organic biochar products for supporting sustainable growing while fighting climate change. B-Corp Carbon Gold’s scientifically & commercially-proven formulas replace harmful pesticides & unsustainable peat composts, last longer, support healthy soil biology (the key to good growing), & lock away CO2.

  • Sold in 17 countries worldwide – 253% YoY retail sales growth in 2020
  • Distributed by 15 UK garden retail and trade operations inc. Marshalls
  • Certified by Soil Association & FSC® . Partnering with Woodland Trust
  • Increases growth, health & yields of plants, trees, turf, fruit & veg


Many chemical inputs once relied upon by growers & gardeners for fertility & disease control are now avoided due to fears about their impact on human & environmental health.

UK gardeners are driving this trend – 67% say they’re eco-conscious & 46% of this group use organic fertilisers.

Peat-based composts destroy natural, CO2-absorbing habitats & fuel the climate crisis.

Biochar (a type of charcoal) is a more sustainable & effective solution to peat & chemical products – it delivers comparable benefits and lasts far longer in the soil.

Carbon Gold’s organic products use biochar made from materials sustainably sourced and certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council. We enrich it with multiple strains of fungi, bacteria & minerals, which support healthy soil biology, the key to good growing.

Our methods are validated by scientific studies & commercial trials. We’re partnering with the Woodland Trust, are certified by the Soil Association & many others, and are proud to be a certified B Corp.

We generate sales via our website, horticulture firms, stockists (e.g. Mr Fothergills & Sarah Raven) & the sports industry, our Turf Improver was used at Ascot Racecourse & at golf courses. Our retail sales increased 253% from £77k to £272k in 2020 with our total revenue growing to £316K (P&L -£234K Sept '20)

We’re now raising funds to boost our marketing, international development & manufacturing.


Craig Sams, Founder

A pioneer of the organic and health food movement, Craig co-founded Green & Black’s chocolate and Whole Earth Foods, and launched the UK’s first vegan restaurant.

He’s also a director of Soil Association Certification Ltd, Duchy Originals and the chairman of Gusto Organic Ltd and the former chairman of Soil Association (2006-2012) and Slow Food UK.

James Slinn, Financial Advisor - Part Time

James Slinn qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1983 and has worked as Finance Director for B&A Engineering Company Ltd, The Real Ice Company Ltd, and Midways Accounting Ltd.

James MacPhail - Commercial Advisor - Part Time

James has a Graduate Diploma in Agriculture.

Sue Rawlings, Finance & Operations Manager

Sue is an AAT-qualified bookkeeper and a fellow member of AAT

Mike Newby, Marketing & Communications - Part Time

Mike is the account director at Energy PR.