Carnot aims to reduce global CO2 emissions by 13% to accelerate the world's transition to net-zero and bring clean, secure and affordable energy to all. Carnot plans to achieve this by developing ultra-efficient hydrogen combustion engines built from advanced technical ceramics.

  • Developing net-zero emission combustion engines
  • Secured development partnerships with end-users in target markets
  • Concept to Prototype in under a year (patent application filed)
  • Awarded over £500k government grants across 2 Innovate UK 1 Eurostars


Emissions legislation is forcing large engine producers to innovate. There are currently no production-ready alternatives to engines for large and long-range applications such as trucks and ships so we have invented an engine, that is designed to go further, cleaner and smarter.

The hydrogen council predict 18% of global energy needs will be fuelled by Hydrogen before 2050, creating a $2.5 trillion market for all Hydrogen related technologies.

Modern metal engines waste in excess of one-third of fuel energy to cooling systems which stop metallic components from melting due to combustion temperatures. If emissions targets are to be met, this waste must end.

Carnot is developing engines with key components manufactured from ceramics able to withstand fuel combustion temperatures, aiming to eliminate the need for cooling systems and doubling efficiencies and by operating on hydrogen and biofuels can revolutionise some of the most challenging industries to decarbonise

Since our previous round, we have successfully produced a proof-of-concept prototype and commenced testing, expanded the engineering team and formed strategic alliances with industry including with Fraunhofer, Carisbrooke shipping and OZ minerals.

Funds from this round will be used to further expand our team, continue our engine development for pilot trials and secure manufacturing partnership's with OEM's.


Carnot was founded by entrepreneurs Archie, Nadiur & Francis driven by the need to reduce global CO2 emissions and develop clean, secure & affordable global off-grid energy solutions, accelerating our transition to net-zero. Carnot believe strongly in providing disruptive technologies that are both commercially viable and environmentally friendly.

Archie Watts-Farmer CEO & Co-Founder

15yrs experience in Aerospace & Energy, delivered 2 grant-funded R&D projects on uncooled engine technology.

Francis Lempp Co-Founder

Leading Equity raising and Bus Dev. Applied mathematician with experience in modelling heat transfer & gas flows in ceramic engines.

Nadiur Rahman Co-Founder

Head of operations and designer extraordinaire. Spent 2 years developing ceramic engines playing a crucial role in delivering 2 government funded R&D projects.

Huw Grifiths - Head of Test and development

6+ years in F1 and currently commissioning the crucial proof-of-concept testing

Ian Thatcher - Senior Design Engineer

Working in High performance powertrains since 2004and currently leading the our engine design concepts

Duncan Dunbar - Senior Design Engineer

8 years in Formula 1, working closely with Carnot on developing ceramic engine enabling technologies