Cash Coach gamifies saving. AI technology is used to set realistic saving targets and provide user specific coaching. The app is targeted at millennials with mid-range income. Cash Coach is fun to use, includes free, £2.99/m and £6.99/m plans and is designed to generate a loyal following.

  • Uses gamification and coaching to make saving fun and engaging
  • Helping to address the Covid-19 crisis that will financially hit millennials
  • Founded by ex-IBM, pwc, UBS and serial entrepreneurs
  • Backed by fintech angels and entrepreneurs with successful exits


The Problem

Our society has entered the era of “instant gratification” where millions of millennials are enjoying the present days without feeling the urge to save for the rainy days. They spend more than 2h/day on social media, and less than 2 min looking at their finances. Budgeting apps are too boring to catch their attention: 95% of people stop using them after 2 months.

The majority of millennials live paycheck to paycheck and we believe they have lost any hope of building any wealth.

We don’t want our generation to be called the “broke generation”.

Our solution

We created a “fintech mobile game” where the goal is to save as much as you can from your real-life income to level-up your in-game avatar. Each avatar will gain personality traits based on your spending behaviours. For example, it would get drunk if you spend too much in bars.

The app is free to play; advanced users can improve their saving performance by upgrading to a premium plan:

Advanced analytics: £2.99/m

AI coaching: £6.99/m

We want Cash Coach to become the trusted champion of all millennials, and create a marketplace of services (such as utility switch, remortgage...) that will save them money, and earn us a commission.


The common denominator of our founding team is that we all used to live below the poverty line and all climbed the social ladder through hustle.

We are straight talkers, data-driven, frugal and very ambitious.

Our mission is to gamify everybody’s financial life in order to create a wealthy generation. We believe that, with the right mindset, anyone can take control over their spending habits and become financially independent.

CEO: Sam Abrika validated all the liquidity risk models of UBS, built from scratch the liquidity risk framework used to make sure the bank had enough cash in Europe and joined the EMEA Risk Committee by the age of 27.

CTO: Alexandr Priezzhev implemented from scratch the full stack infrastructure (software, POS terminals, analytics) for the loyalty card “Malina” that was processing $2.5bn/month worth of payments.

Illustrator (Part-time): Angela Coronado is a talented illustrator who had her first entrepreneurial experience at 16 when she designed and sold T-shirts in the Philippines. She creates web comics that get 20k+ upvotes on reddit.

Our investors and advisors include industry experts in AI & finance, investors of Coinbase, Uber, Github... and entrepreneurs who successfully exited multimillion pound startups.