Already live in the UK & Italy, Chivado is on a quest to be a part of a food hospitality revolution. With a total market of £150bn+, having been built with Microservices, a cutting edge technology, & 250+ restaurant gained in a few months, they are fundraising to scale.

  • 250+ restaurants & 12,000+ users
  • Director with previous exit record, including exit to Nestle
  • 50% MoM active user growth, 28% MoM restaurant growth
  • TAM £150+bn, food delivery services market CAGR of 10.3%


With the rise of digital aggregators in hospitality many restaurants risk loss of customer ownership, revenue & permanent closure.

We've seen that many restaurants rely on 3rd parties (i.e. delivery & booking Apps) for discoverability, customer intelligence & revenues. However these 3rd parties take ownership of restaurants' customers, charge up to 40% fees & their algorithms decide which restaurants get seen!

The pandemic made this worse and we believe it’s time to give restaurants back their vital role in our communities.

Chivado provides restaurants with a social marketplace to help attract & nurture customers directly, manage their community & services without commissions, so their customers can have a fun & social experience.

Our main services are free, with 2 tiers of subscriptions; (i) the light one, currently in beta in the UK; (ii) the premium one, currently being developed for customisation & data intelligence products. Chivado also levies small user fees for remote orders.

Founded in May ‘20 and launched publicly in Italy in Oct ‘20, Chivado already has 250+ restaurants, 12K+ users & the attention of several Italian newspapers, e.g. Ansa.

Now launched in the UK, in partnership with The Room brands across London, Manchester, Leeds & Birmingham.

Fundraising to build data features for premium subscriptions & accelerate penetration in Italy & UK.

Join the restaurant revolution!


Federico Bernardi – Founder & CEO

Extensive career in software architecture, cloud infrastructure and everything mobile; he comes from a family operating in the hospitality industry and makes the best amateur spritz ever!

Patrizia Guarino – Founder & COO

She holds a solid background in Sales & Marketing , covering leadership roles in mobile marketplaces like Shpock and global firms such as Havas & Omnicom. Loves to discover hidden traditional family restaurants.

Danilo Casadei Massari – Investor & Director (Part-Time)

Impressive profile as an entrepreneur and investor, he has successfully exited start-ups, including CM&D Pharma acquired by Nestle. Director of restaurant business in the US and passionate wine lover.

Farshid Mirza – Principal Engineer (Part-Time)

Extensive experience in software development, data modelling and machine learning. He loves Turkish cuisine and is an unstoppable pub crawler.

Cinzia Guarino – CFO

Ex KPMG and General Electrics leader, with strong experience in Financial Planning, Reporting, Budgeting and Controlling. She is a stubborn CocaCola drinker.

Pamela Aiko Tironi – Investor & Board Advisor

Serial investor and entrepreneur in the UK hospitality industry, with a strong financial background. She owns several restaurant brands across London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham and loves Pizza done properly.