CirculOil’s patented solution helps stop waste oil from being burnt or lost in the environment. IP developed by BP (Castrol) and now owned by CirculOil. The circular technology has been designed to ensure quick lubricant change, green re-use and smart digital tracking. On a mission to scale in multiple sectors.

  • Circular economy solution for waste lubricant oil and plastic
  • Designed to provide a 90 second oil change
  • Patents granted; market-ready technology
  • CirculOil operates in the off-highway market


Waste lubricant is the largest liquid, non-aqueous hazardous waste in the world. An estimated 25 million tons of waste oil is produced every year, but only around a quarter is recycled, so it can be hugely damaging to the environment. One typical oil change could contaminate a million gallons of freshwater. This patented bespoke sealed cartridge technology unlocks the ability to collect and re-refine the waste lubricant.

Our technology is market ready. Trials are running at top UK contractors with further progressing in the generator and compressor markets. Customers benefit from reduced downtime; our oil change is quick and can take as little as 90 seconds! It’s also clean, so no spills or mess and it can be done anywhere by anyone without the need for specialist equipment.

CirculOil's future revenue model for installation, subscription service and digital platform, to help customers plan and track their maintenance, is currently being market tested and selected third parties are used to re-refine the oil. CirculOil is being developed for many industrial, power generation & ground care applications.

Backed by 5 experienced industry investors. Funding is to scale up, develop the circular solution & move to become standard fit on equipment where our Quick-Green-Smart technology can help address the environmental challenge.

CirculOil saves time & helps the planet. What’s not to love?


CirculOil has a driven team with a strong entrepreneurial culture, we share the values of collaboration, innovation & sustainability.

Passionate about changing the future for the better, applying our skills & experience to make that a reality.

Steve Goodier – CEO

Steve was formerly Nexcel (BP Castrol) project director and has built a career in the automotive industry on the creation & deployment of new products that create real value. Steve hates waste, waste of time, resources & energy, this along with his enthusiasm, commitment & leadership drive him to do things differently.

Alessandra Scotese – Circularity & Partnerships

Alessandra has a strong drive to deliver innovative sustainable solutions. She is on a mission to develop & scale-up digital circular ideas to leave a positive footprint.

Jo Simpson – Business Development & Strategy

Jo loves building diverse & passionate teams. She integrates people, ideas & processes to give them the recipe to succeed.

Andrew Gaule – Director & Investor Relations

Andrew believes that new ventures & business models are key to making the lives of people and the planet better.

Iain Macdonald – Non-Executive Director (part-time)

Iain has held several corporate roles as CFO & Board member including at BP and Premier Oil.

Alan Fraser – Engineering & Programmes Advisor (part-time)

Advises the team on innovative approaches to get the job done effectively.