Cities are restricting car traffic & parking, forcing a shift towards cycling. CityQ is developing a new type of weather protected ebike for both families & cargo with a planned built-in IT-platform for rental & managing the bike remotely. They are fundraising to launch & deliver pre-orders to cities in Europe.

  • Delivering 1st units to pilot customers & 100 pre-orders
  • Partnered with International car manufacturers & distributors
  • Patent pending technology, Planned IT for rental through a 3rd party partnership
  • Great press interest globally - more than 430 international news stories


Do you struggle with car traffic or just getting around in the inner city?

Coming from Scandinavia we have seen the shift towards new mobility solutions. That’s why we created CityQ.

We aim to offer the CityQ combining the advantages of both an ebike and a micro car: While it is weather protected and can offer car-like comfort, users can drive it door-to-door and like with a bike we think you will find plenty more options to park your CityQ. We believe it is ideal for personal transport and last-mile deliveries.

For the future we plan to offer the CityQ with built-in capabilities for rental and sharing, including an IT platform (supplied by a 3rd party) that can diagnose the ebike remotely, and push new functionalities via the web, similar to a Smart Phone or a Tesla.

The ebike market is growing fast post-Covid, with cargo and family eBikes estimated to reach 1-2m units in annual sales in Europe by 2030.

We have 100 partially paid pre orders, plus 10 units currently under construction to be delivered to a pilot customer.

We’ve received 2 green-tech grants and signed partnership with an EV car sharing platform and an EV OEM with the ambition of becoming the Nordic market leader in green mobility.

We want to raise €200k to deliver part of our first orders and further develop our tech platform.


With an experienced management team and board (including the ex Minister of Transport in Norway) we have a track record from automotive, ebike sharing and software industry.

Morten Rynning, CEO: An experienced entrepreneur who has successfully built and sold several companies, such as Designkupp and CyberWatcher. He is also chairman at (a city eBike sharing platform) and at Mobility Finance (eBike) leasing platform.

Davide Pojer, Mechanical Engineer: Senior engineer, experienced within product development and construction of mobility products.

Atle Stubberud, Head of Product (Part-time): Working in industry design, broad experience in designing bikes, eBikes, motorbikes, cars and electric cars.

Theodore Zannakis, Manufacture Lead (Advisor): Automotive expert with numerous OEM such as Lotus, Volvo, Geely, Pininfarina, CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology AB) for purchasing and supply chain management - specialist in electric propulsion systems. CEO at partner: Anodox and Evotiv

Christopher Gruen, Business Development (Part-time consultant): Experienced in sales, business development and start-up acceleration within energy and mobility (Shell, Novazure).

Amina Latroche, Marketing (Part-time): Working with marketing, pilot projects, pilot customers and roadshows.