The ultimate transport app and technology for mobility in cities

  • 50m+ users and one of the most loved and awarded apps on mobile
  • Expanding to cover all major metro cities in the world
  • Citymapper Pass reached £17m ARR in less than a year
  • Citymapper technology now licensed to other companies

Making cities usableEdit

Cities are complicated, yet humans love them! Over half live in cities, where mobility is a daily need. Public transport is the most used form of mobility in the most significant cities of the world, and is essential to solving key issues such as congestion, affordability, and the environment. However, open transport data is messy, more private modes are adding complexity, and mobility payments are confusing. At Citymapper, we are solving these challenges so getting from A to B is seamless. We have spent many years building the best-in-class technology in the space:

The Best App

One of the most loved and awarded apps on mobile, with 50m+ users.

The Most Accurate Data Factory

Our tools, analysts and systems have integrated thousands of data feeds across cities.

The Best Routing

Our routing algorithms are designed for humans (not cars). Billions of journeys planned improve our algorithms further.

Pass - The Ultimate Travelcard

We designed a travelcard, integrated it with our app, built the underlying fintech for complex transit fare schemes, and bundled public and private transport. Pass is consistently profitable and reached £17m in annual recurring revenue (ARR) in less than a year. During the pandemic 80-90% of our subs paused, but did not churn, proving the durability of the product.

Top team backed by top investors

Incl. Index, Benchmark, Balderton, Connect, LocalGlobe, and angels.

What's next?Edit

As the world stopped, we kept moving. As we emerge out of the pandemic, we continue to work on our original mission, and focus on the following:

Citymapper Everywhere

By this summer we'll have Europe and the US covered (90%+ of ridership). Next we plan to expand to cover all of the most significant metro cities across the world. This will increase our user base and ensure no one is ever lost again.

Powered by Citymapper

We have developed best-in-class technology in routing, transport data tools, and user interfaces. This unique technology is now available to other companies through our suite of APIs and SDKs. Initial customers signed and an active pipeline from tech cos, mobility cos, operators, agencies and more. Soon you will be able to experience Citymapper goodness in other products.

Everything in Citymapper

Private mobility options are proliferating, and cities are becoming more multimodal. We are adding everything including cabs, cycles, scooters, mopeds, carshares, with deep feature integrations.

Citymapper Pass

Pass is just getting started. We will continue to work on the vision of seamless mobility, improve the offering including adding features and integrating more transport modes. We will also explore international expansion, corporate and enterprise opportunities.

And we will continue to improve the app that you love and use everyday.