Clin-e-cal uses its patented Sound Response technology to develop apps to provide real-time feedback to inhaler users & facilitate remote disease management. With thousands of downloads, they're on a mission to help the world’s 500m asthma & COPD sufferers. Raising to commercialise & scale-up activities.

  • Mission is to solve some of longest-standing problems in respiratory medicine
  • Won competitive grants (and short-listed for Tech4Good award 2020)
  • Available on NHS digital app store and rated 79% by ORCHA assessment
  • Granted US/ EU patents protecting core Sound Response methods


Clin-e-cal started with our founder, Tariq Aslam, solving problems he had giving inhaler medication to his young son - Rafi. He realised his wasn’t a unique problem and Rafi-Tone, the solution he developed, had the potential to help many children using inhalers with a spacer. Since launching in 2016, the app, powered by our patented Sound Response engine, has had thousands of downloads across the UK, Australia, and Scandinavia.

We are now planning to advance the sound analysis technology to address problems in inhaler users of all ages. Currently undergoing beta testing, the first version of our new Clip-Tone Buddy app uses sound analysis to give real-time feedback, helping patients understand how to use their inhalers correctly. We have estimated a £300m near-term addressable opportunity and we are targeting pharma companies and inhaler manufacturers directly to build the user base and develop real-world insights.

We believe these insights can help transform care, providing healthcare professionals with detailed information on patients’ inhaler use. We strive for our data to ultimately help streamline clinical trials, identify patients most at risk and impact future respiratory device design.

We are raising now to progress commercialisation of the Clip-Tone Buddy, scale the sales activity and for additional support in marketing, regulatory and legal aspects of the business.


Dr Lizzie Crawford, CEO

Lizzie is passionate about what Clin-e-cal is achieving. A PhD scientist, she brings an understanding of clinical impacts with commercial acumen having managed many early-stage commercial projects through her previous roles within the University of Manchester.

Prof Tariq Aslam, Founder (Part-Time)

Clinician and researcher in artificial intelligence and device design, Tariq is also the father of 3 sons who inspired him to create the Sound Response technology - the foundation of Clin-e-cal.

Stephen Wilcock, Chairman

Business experience as the former MD of EMIS Health and has significant insight into accessing the NHS.

Mark Sanders, NED

Mark is experienced in strategic planning, licensing and product launches with numerous publications and patents, currently as the Chief Technology Officer of Clement Clarke International. He joined Clin-e-cal as an angel investor and holds a Non-Executive Director position.

James Courier, Lead Programmer

Experienced programmer, James is responsible for refinement and development of the Sound Response engine.

Dr Clare Murray, Clinical Advisor

A consultant respiratory paediatrician at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, Clare has advised Clin-e-cal from inception.

As well as the core team, Clin-e-cal has a network of advisors in clinical, regulatory, intellectual property and marketing matters.