Engaging surveys with the integrity of the blockchain

CoinSurvey is an enhanced survey tool using the power of blockchain for instant rewards and data integrity. Create surveys and boost your response rate with our Integral Rewards Engine that rewards everyone for every question.

We are on a mission to boost your insights so you can make better decisions.

Key features

  • Boost your response rate with our Integral Rewards Engine that incentivizes everyone with instant fractional rewards.
  • Unique features for survey building & live previews
  • Survey data automatically connected to the blockchain (with access controls) and removes the pain of managing rewards, data integrity and third parties.
  • Create leaderboards for your survey


Reduced costs: Higher completion rates reduce costs by shortening the data collection process.

  • Better data quality: Incentives improve the number of completed responses. This increases data quality & leads to better insights & business decisions.
  • Fractional Rewards: An Integral Rewards Engine with fractionalised incentives makes it much more affordable than existing third party solutions.
  • Data Integrity: Clients survey data is automatically connected to the blockchain (with access rights). This will help to promote the reputation of honest actors.
  • Transparent pricing model: Pay as you go model with no hidden fees and penalties. Buy the responses you need, when you need them. Unused responses transferred to the next month.


Backend & DevOps: Kristian Storvoll

Kristian spent the last 8 years as a backend developer for large government systems such as the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration and the Norwegian Postal Service. Kristian was a founding member of Bitruption.

Business & Sales: Ole Andre knutli

Ole has over 9 years of experience as a Business Consultant advising private companies and municipalities in Norway. Ole founded his first blockchain company in 2018 called Bitruption, which does consulting and developed fully automated market makers deployed at crypto exchanges. Last year the company posted revenues shy of £500,000 with a bottom line of £200,000.

Developer, Design & Sales: Ørjan Knutli

Ørjan is a developer and designer who has over 8 years of experience working for financial institutions such as Oslo Stock Exchange. Ørjan was a founding member of Bitruption.

Developer: Erik Reimer

Erik has more than 6 years experience as a software engineer. He focuses on frontend technology, working as tech-lead and a frontend architect, with an eye for the details. Erik was a founding member of Bitruption.


As with any investment, investing in CoinSurvey carries a level of risk. Overall, based on the key risks highlighted below, the degree of risk associated with an investment in CoinSurvey is higher than in a company that's trading on a public market.

Early-stage investmentEdit

CoinSurvey is at one of the earliest stages of the business lifecycle, and the failure rate of companies at that stage is usually much higher than those at a later stage.

Illiquid investmentEdit

The number of transactions in shares of private companies is usually significantly lower than in public companies, typically resulting in it taking longer to sell shares in private companies at a price that is at least equal to the price that the shares were bought at. Accordingly, the CoinSurvey investment opportunity is considered to be higher risk than more liquid companies.

References and notesEdit

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