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Confluence Investors is an impact fund manager with a focus on publicly listed companies in the smaller emerging markets.

Confluence Investors believes there are great businesses in these often-overlooked markets that can not only deliver compelling returns but are also positioned to make a meaningful Impact.


Confluence Investors is an Impact fund manager. Its focus is on publicly listed companies in the smaller emerging markets. Confluence Investors invests in businesses that it believes is positioned to make a meaningful Impact, while seeking to deliver compelling commercial returns. As a long‐term investor, Confluence Investors will engage with management teams around relevant Impact and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics.

Confluence Investors is truly committed to achieving Impact as well as returns. A portion of Confluence Investors' fees are linked to its delivery of Impact and ESG goals. The achievement of these targets is assessed by a third-party Impact auditor.

Its Impact themes are: Climate, Financial Inclusion, Education, Health, Hunger Reduction, Livelihoods and Better Societies. Its Impact evaluation framework is rigorous and rooted in academic studies – calculating in monetary terms each portfolio company’s contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.

Capitalworks, an independent alternative asset management firm with a focus in global emerging markets, is an anchor investor and is also providing operational support. Capitalworks manages over US$1 billion across multiple strategies.

The Confluence Impact Fund will be launching to Accredited Investors in Q2 2022.

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