Our green future depends on essential metals, and Cornish Tin aims to establish a clean supply from the UK, powered by sustainable energy. With planning consent to explore an area historically “the richest for tin ever discovered”, we’re now raising funds for the Phase 1 drilling operation

  • On a mission to create a net zero carbon operation
  • Granted full planning consent for Phase 1 drilling operation
  • Rights to extract all minerals (subject to economics & planning consent).
  • Tin price has been driven to an all-time high by green tech demand


In our race against climate change, the world desperately needs more tin, indispensable in electric vehicles, electronics, and sustainable energy sources

But the UK is 100% dependent on tin imports, (75% from Asia), often with worker exploitation and high carbon emissions

Cornish Tin's ultimate goal is to develop a clean supply of tin from the UK, with research into initiatives to achieve a net-zero carbon operation

In its heyday, in the mid 19th century, The Great Wheal Vor was described as “the richest locality for tin that has ever been discovered”. The mines closed 150 years ago following a mineral rights dispute, not through lack of tin

19th century production grades averaged 3.5% tin, peaking at over 5.5% tin: very few tin mines today operate at more than 1.00% tin

Rio Tinto/MIT study 2018 predicted tin as the metal most positively affected by surging growth in green tech demand

Tin price has almost doubled in the last 12 months including an all-time high

High grade, coarse-grained cassiterite - lower recovery costs, less waste

5 years legal work has secured all necessary mineral rights to proceed (a barrier to progress for 150 years)

A private placing in 2021 quickly closed at £1.9 million but we want to give smaller investors a chance to join us too

Now giving you the opportunity to invest ahead of the Phase 1 drilling operation with full planning consent granted


Sally Norcross-Webb

Founder and CEO

Corporate finance lawyer (background Allen & Overy, London); mining, exploration and mineral rights specialist; many years experience in the mining industry.

As a legal consultant in Cornwall, has advised a number of the minerals companies in the South West.

Clive Newall (part time)

Founder and Chairman

Mining and mineral exploration professional; 25 years in the leadership team of TSX-listed First Quantum Minerals, one of the world’s largest global copper companies, as a co-founder, President and Director.

Chris Backhouse (part time Consultant)

Chief Financial Officer

Finance Director and Chartered Accountant with experience as an adviser/Finance Director in public and private companies in various sectors.