Crosspay’s mission is to make international money transfers simple and cheap. Within 3 years the company has powered over 50,000 transactions at competitive rates and this year it has been invited to partner on an Innovate UK project to continue pioneering. Crosspay generated a profit in Q3 2020 and is now aiming to scale.

  • 10,000+ users and rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot
  • Available in all EEA countries to send money to 50+ countries worldwide
  • Expanded into charity payments and B2B whitelabel solutions
  • Global issue: the United Nations has set a global target to reduce remittance fees to 3%


“Expensive, frustrating and slow” is often what it’s like to send money internationally today. Crosspay was founded with a mission to make remittance simpler and cheaper.

In 2017 we built our own proprietary system to power international transfers at a fraction of the cost. We launched our beta website and app in 2018 and have since powered over 50,000 transactions across 50 countries with a cumulative value of approx £32,350,000, and we’re rated “Excellent” on Trustpilot.

Every year there is more than $200bn in global remittance, yet more than 70% of the market is served by traditional over-the-counter (OTC) services. These companies pass on their higher operating costs to end-customers.

This has opened up three more opportunities for Crosspay:

  • This year we launched a B2B whitelabelled solution, to offer traditional businesses lower costs and higher margins.
  • We’ve developed a payment marketplace for charities, empowering their members to donate irrespective of their geography.
  • We’ve created whitelabelled apps for charities and churches to host content, broadcast live and receive donations simultaneously.

We turned a profit in 3Q20[1] and have been invited to partner on an Innovate UK project. We are focussed on scaling the 4 areas of our business and ask you to join us.


Rakesh Kurian, Founder & CEO

Rakesh is a born entrepreneur with over 20 years in the payments industry, having extensive knowledge in foreign exchange, remittances and cross-border payments. Before Crosspay, Rakesh was responsible for the establishment of a money transfer start-up that grew to become a UK bank. Rakesh is instrumental in building successful cutting- edge money transfer products across the world for payment institutions such as UAE Exchange and the BFC Group. He has strong, long-established relationships with banks and global financial institutions in nearly 50 countries.

Sarayu Dharmaraj, Director – Compliance & Operations

Sarayu has over 10 years of experience in the payments and foreign exchange industry. She previously worked with BFC Bank as MLRO and also headed Human Resources for 3 years. Sarayu is responsible for enhancing business practices by ensuring high standards of regulatory and non- regulatory compliance.

Preethy Kurian, Chief Product Officer (Part-time)

Preethy is a technically experienced computer engineer with knowledge across various platforms. Her role develops the product strategy and spearheads the product roadmap as Crosspay scales internationally. She has worked in the banking industry in the United Kingdom with skills in analysing system requirements, design, and product development.

  1. Based on management accounts. £370k revenue, £4k Profit between Oct 19 - Sept 20.