Key information
Risk/return High
Price per share £21.88[1]
Asset class Equities[2]
Industry Healthtech
Country of incorporation United Kingdom[3]
Minimum investment amount £21.88[4]
Maximum investment amount £2,000,000[5]
Current valuation £39,736,089[6]
Investor type All[7]
Tax schemes EIS[8]
Bid/ask spread NA
Commission amount N/A
Market Private[9]


The care sector crisis is caused by very low carer pay. Change this or you won't solve the problem. Curam uses intelligent, proprietary technology to safely manage a platform where carers earn 50% more and clients pay 10% less. The platform has delivered more than 1 million+ hours of quality, well paid care.


  • 300% YoY rev growth & £3.6m raised to date incl. ex founder of Gumtree
  • Carers averaging >£14.50 per hour (after Curam's fees)
  • Over 4k verified carers with over 50K having expressed interest
  • 12 councils are working with Curam and they are in talks with a further 30.


Curam was started with the express aim of significantly increasing the earnings of carers, thus tackling their unsustainable estimated annual attrition rate of over 30%.

Our technology connects ​self-employed carers with clients, where they either search and message approved carers or post a job with us - making the hiring of a carer quick, easy and safe.

Carers are insured, given free training and carer benefits (including sick pay) and set their own rates.

The UK homecare sector is worth arund £20 billion with little innovative technology in use, particularly in the care agency channel. Over 50% of home care is funded by local councils - Curam's revenue model works within their funding constraints.

With an almost fully automated platform and a flat fee of 12.5%, Curam is providing a fast-growing scalable solution to this vast fragmented (over 8k agencies in the UK) sector.

The number of over 85 year old in the UK will double by 2042. Nearly 80% of over 55 year olds now own a smartphone making the introduction of a technology solution both desirable and inevitable.

Curam believes that the cure to the problems of its care sector is the intelligent and empathetic application of scalable technology, whilst also enabling a community where carers and clients are rewarded and respected. Curam built Curam to do just that.


Jody O'Neill, CEO & Co-founder: Jody has extensive experience as a management consultant in the NHS. His work often focussed on improving patient flow between the acute and community services. He has also owned and ran a home-care provider.​

A lot of the ideas that underpin Curam's model are as a result of his frustration at the huge cost to the NHS he saw, caused by the system's inability to source a carer quickly and efficiently, and the lessons learned from owning a home care agency.

Patrick Wallace, Commercial/Marketing Director & Co-founder: After careers in the army and then as a stockbroker, Patrick then spent many years as an entrepreneur setting up, buying and selling over 30 SMEs across a wide range of sectors including healthcare and technology.

Ben Weatherall, B2B Director & Co-founder: Ben started as a salesman in investment banking before his 20 year career managing a number of internet sales businesses. He heads up Curam's NHS/Local Authorities team.

Alkesh Kakde, CTO: Alkesh is an IT industry veteran with extensive experience in software design and product development across various sectors in both the US and India. He is a hands-on project planner with a diverse skill set specialising in building customised software solutions.

Biographies of the full Curam team are in its investment deck.

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