Area 52 aims to bring to market what they believe to be one of world's most advanced strollers; Cyberstroller. In a market worth $3bn and having already secured a LOI for up to 30k units, the team have developed a high-tech stroller in collaboration with one of the world's largest stroller manufacturers.

  • LOI for up to 30k units from Dorel Juvenile
  • Global market worth $3 billion with a CAGR Of 6%
  • Broad patent that can be utilised with other load-carrying devices
  • Project managed by ex-senior Dyson employee of 22 years


Faced with uneven surfaces and demanding obstacles, the tiny wheels on today’s strollers are ill-equipped to handle most urban environments sufficiently. Outside of cities, they are next to useless, with grass, snow and sand being insurmountable.

In 2016 we recognised that a stroller's performance could be radically improved by completely rethinking the front wheel. The Cyberwheel has been designed in conjunction with Manchester University using a graphene formula for durability, and our selective 3-wheel steering mechanism has been designed to significantly improve stability.

Select a mode on the controller, and the patented Cyberwheel, with its built-in sensors & valves, instantly changes the balls internal air pressure, providing optimum performance across any terrain.

The global baby-stroller market size is valued at $3bn, with technological advancements being recognised as a key growth factor (CAGR = 5.2%). We’ve already secured an LOI for up to 30k units in China, and we’re currently negotiating global distribution agreements with established vendors in America & Europe to help make Cyberstroller become a worldwide success.

We’re currently completing the design for the manufacturing phase and have a broad granted patent for any load-carrying device (wheelchairs, golf carts etc.).

Funds will be used to complete the manufacturing phase and generate pre-sales.


Stephen Senior - Founder CEO

Founder, Inventor and CEO. Stephen ultimately makes all the ideas come to life and is a natural problem solver that compilated the product's original engineering principles. He is the forward-thinking individual behind Cyberstroller.

Ralph Wood - COO (Part-time)

Ralph has 20+ years of product development experience, bringing to market some of the UK’s most innovative consumer products for Dyson. He’s responsible for ensuring the whole program is delivered on time, cost and quality.

Gerald Dawson - CFO (Part-time)

Portfolio Finance Director, focussed on high-growth consumer businesses. He has previously completed successful exits.

Noella Pirie - PR and Marketing (Consultant)

Noella led the global consumer PR team at Mothercare, including influencer strategy, social media, and community. Her media relations expertise means she can consistently deliver influencer campaigns, unique content, and extensive media coverage that translate into commercial success.

Richard Barnes - Product Design (Consultant)

Richard is our Product Engineer. With experience in manufacturing, design and product realisation. He is ultimately in charge of engineering design.

Artur Grzybowski - CTO (Part-time)

Artur is our well-experienced CTO. And collaborated with Jaguar Land Rover as a specialist enigineer. His role is focused on the technological side of the business.