With thousands of public companies worldwide & millions of data points impacting stock prices, how can investors choose the best stocks? Danelfin is an AI-powered stock analytics platform with the objective to help the +40k investors already using it every month to filter out the noise & make smart data-driven investment decisions. Fundraising for growth.

  • Our founder scaled Softonic to 400 employees & exited for a valuation of >270M€
  • +40k monthly active users worldwide, after only 5 months online
  • Our AI technology analyzes millions of data points to rate stocks
  • Market opportunity: +146M brokerage accounts worldwide


When our founder, Tomás, started investing in stocks, he was overwhelmed by information: hundreds of analysts' opinions, thousands of complex financial charts and millions of data points influencing stock prices.

How could retail investors analyze all that data to make well-informed decisions? He believed it was an impossible task for the human mind and therefore, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the best technology to filter out the noise and provide data-driven insights.

But expensive AI tech was only used by hedge funds & elite institutions. It was time to change that and make it available to all investors. That’s why we founded Danelfin.

There are +146M brokerage accounts worldwide. We believe that all these retail investors would benefit from a stock analytics platform powered by AI.

We have strong traction thanks to our market size & freemium business model. After only 5 months online, Danelfin has +40k active users, and returning users are on average, doubling every month to 4,900 in Jan '22.

We are acquiring free users now to later convert them into paying users of our premium plans.

We are raising funds to further enhance our AI predictive capabilities, introduce analysis for cryptos and we aim to start developing our mobile app. New funds will also help us accelerate user acquisition; our goal is to lower CAC through SEO, content and performance marketing optimization.


Tomás Diago, Founder & CEO:

Tomás founded a major European Internet company, Softonic. He scaled it to 400 employees, 100 million monthly users, and to a value of 275M€. He has since founded Danelfin because as a retail investor he needs a tool that helps him make smarter data-driven investment decisions.

Sergi Jiménez, Co-Founder & CFO:

Sergi is an economist with 20 years of experience working in the financial industry, awarded with the certificate in Wealth and Investment Management by CISI. As a founder and financial director of Safic Finances, Sergi advised several companies in their international expansion.

Aarón Román, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist:

Aarón has worked as a software developer for Grupo Intercom, one of the major Spanish startup incubators. Since 2016 he has been focused on developing Artificial Intelligence technologies for quantitative analysis in Danelfin.

Guillermo Salas, Co-Founder & CTO:

Guillermo has worked as a software developer for Grupo Intercom, one of the major Spanish startup incubators. He has been developing high availability web architectures, big data analytics, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Danelfin since 2016.

Giancarlo Cammarota, CMO:

Giancarlo has been content and marketing director for digital companies and start-ups, including Softonic and GetApp. He also brings his strong expertise in advertising and content management.