4.2M people die every year due to outdoor air pollution. Daphne's award-winning technology is the world's leading tech to reduce all toxic & climate pollutant emissions from ships. This is an enabler for the industry to reach net-zero GHG emissions by 2050. Their mission = Reduce Global Warming

  • The next generation of climate innovation for ships
  • €7M raised by Investors and EU funding into Daphne Technology to develop R&D
  • International IP protection (6 granted, 10 pending across jurisdictions)
  • Market potential to reduce outdoor air pollution up to $1 Trillion


Shipping carries 90% of global trade and is responsible for ~2.9% of global CO2 emissions annually and other significant toxic and climate pollutant emissions. This is damaging our environment & aggravating human health.

Daphne leverages innovative technology to remove exhaust gas toxic pollutants & GHG emissions from ships. Our core technology reduces air & sea pollution for ships powered by any fuel of today or future fuels such as LNG, ammonia & hydrogen.

It's the world's leading system to provide a single solution technology to clean all forms of pollutant emissions within one system. The technology breaks down toxic pollutants, converting it into non-hazardous elements, which is either released into the environment or transformed into valuable by-products. We contribute to a circular economy and a significant reduction in GHG emissions.

Key achievements & Awards:

  • Awarded €3M in grants by the EU & Swiss Government
  • 7 Pilot installation prospects with key ship owners
  • Pursuing over 50 qualified prospects
  • Top 100 Swiss-start up award in 2018, 2019 & 2020
  • A global "Top 5 Emerging Maritime Emission Reduction Solution" by StartUs Insights

We are raising funds to conduct pilot testing with leading shipowners and support our commercial ramp-up. Will you join us in our mission to secure a sustainable future and reduce global warming?


The team is led by the founder and CEO, Dr. Mario Michan. He started his career onboard cargo vessels sailing in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. After 10 years in the maritime industry, Mario completed a PhD in physics and Post-Doctoral research on antimatter at CERN. It was there, in 2015, that he saw an opportunity to use aspects of his research to solve the global problem of shipping emissions. The core concept was developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) until 2017, when Daphne Technology was spun out of the university. Since then, the company has never stopped growing, attracting large investors globally.

Daphne brings together an interdisciplinary team of top scientists and engineers matched with deep knowledge of the maritime industry and extensive commercial and marketing experience. A driven team is developing a technological platform to remove all pollutants from all fuels (carbon and non-carbon). A unique technology that can remove toxic pollutants and GHG emissions from all engines enabling the international fleet to become sustainable. It is the only multipollutant reduction solution in the maritime industry today.

Our HQ and R&D teams are based next to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland. The Commercial team is based in Oslo, Norway.