Have you ever ordered something and wished you could get it immediately? DelivrMe aims to be a delivery app that makes it easy, convenient, fast & safe for users to order anything, anytime, anywhere. Having run a trial in Solihull they're now raising to fund their development, marketing campaigns & team expansion.

  • Awarded a £50,000 grant by the UK Government’s innovation agency
  • iOS and Android apps developed and ready to launch
  • The food on-demand delivery industry is projected to reach £61 Billion in 2021
  • An extensive choice of stores will be facilitated by our pre-paid card technology in development


Back in 2018, Zak received a text when a friend needed something urgently to finish an assignment, but couldn’t leave the house. Zak was more than happy to purchase, pickup, and drop off the item for him if he transferred the money. It prompted Zak to ask himself, “Why isn’t this a service that’s already out there?”

In our opinion, next-day delivery seems to be the fastest delivery service for the majority of online retailers and we believe that consumer demand for reduced wait time is on the rise.

DelivrMe aspires to act as the user’s personal shopper by equipping all riders with a pre-paid card. Our self-employed contractors will aim to shop, pick up, or drop off items within 30-45 minutes. Once it is complete, it will be an on-demand delivery and pickup platform, with done-for-you logistics.

We plan to charge a delivery fee and a one-time service fee to the customer for placing an order. We will also offer certain perks and benefits to stores in return for a monthly fee, as well as in-app ads available to purchase.

Since 2018, we have been developing our backend technology and preparing to launch. Achievements to date include:

  • Successful test orders in Solihull, UK.
  • Awarded a government grant
  • Young Start up Talent finalist

We are now fundraising to complete our tech development and fund our service roll-out plan.


Our team combines entrepreneurs, with experience in digital marketing, delivery logistics, & human-computer interaction and cutting-edge technology development.

Zak Lloyd -Founder

Has a background in business development and team management. Created a UK franchise of ScaleLab LLC, a large US-based digital talent agency.

Aaron Branch - Chief Marketing Officer:

Aaron has built a team of 15+ individuals focused on scaling businesses using all of the lessons learnt from over 5 years’ experience in digital marketing.

Dan Reeves - Operations Director:

Has business development & team leadership skills from experience in various executive & founding roles within not only his UK-based digital agency but also an international digital education business.

Cezara Hulber - UI/UX Lead:

Has a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Birmingham and is responsible for the overall interface & experience of the DelivrMe app.