Homes should play a part in protecting the environment. Based on technology, Designable makes customised eco-homes in sustainable buildings in cities possible, promoting zero-carbon lifestyles for up to an estimated 10% lower cost. +1.000 registered interest & 6 homes built in Valencia, with a Proptech App in development.

  • Secured over €400k in signed contracts during 2019.
  • Aim to disrupt a +€20bn market that has grown +30% since 2016.
  • €350k invested to date from FFF & Business Angels.
  • Led by two MBA Architects and a team with decades of experience.


According to the UN, cities are just 3% of the Earth's surface but they emit 75% of the World's greenhouse emissions. Homes have a huge impact, as buildings and cars are responsible for 42% of those emissions.

That's why, in 2017, MBA Architects Pablo Bertolín and Andrés Perales founded Designable, a new way of creating homes, based on technology and focused on people & the environment.

Its buildings use renewable energy, zero-CO2 materials, and are built in city centers, reducing car use and helping owners enjoy a near-zero carbon-footprint lifestyle.

Designable is developing an App that aims to minimise the middleman and see the final price after customisation, giving people the power to plan their future eco-homes.

Step by step:

  • 2018: 1st building & 6 homes delivered and fundraised €350K from an Impact & Real Estate BA.
  • 2019: 2nd building & 5 additional homes sold (will be finished 2021), team grew to 7, media coverage including The New York Times, signed €+400K in contracts and +1K interested people.
  • 2020: 1 of 3 buildings planned for this year is already half sold and 8 FFF&BA have trusted by investing €150K in this round.

Aiming to disrupt a real estate market, estimated at €+20bn in Spanish capitals. Raising additional funds for talent, marketing and to launch the App by 1Q2021, helping more people to live in a custom home that actively protects the environment.


Designable stands for people caring for the environment, who seek excellence and are dissatisfied with old-fashioned Real Estate ways. Just like us.

Andrés Perales, CEO

Led luxury projects for Minimum as Architect in Ibiza, where later co-founded a studio focused on custom homes for international clients.

Pablo Bertolín, COO

Started his Architect firm of low-risk projects that led to the first designable building in Valencia. He co-founded and successfully sold a marketplace in 2014.

Patricia Hernández, CAO

BIM Architect specialising in Revit C# programming, Dynamo and Computational Design.

Marcos Pérez, CFO

Advisor in digital projects and former financial accountant for the startup Cecotec.

Nacho Ridaura, CMO

Worked for Ogilvy and OneBigAgency as an Art Director, where he worked for Reebok, Dove & Louis Vuitton.

Raquel Sánchez, Sustainability Director

Specialised Architect in sustainability and building prefabrication.

Marta Pérez, Marketing Executive

Experienced campaign manager with business administration background.

Raquel Gálvez, UX Advisor

UX consultant for projects such as GreenUrbanData and teacher at UxerSchool.

Joan Vergara, Strategy Advisor

Works with companies such as CBRE and 3G Office

Jaime Esteban, Strategy Advisor

He led investment funds and Lanzadera, the Spanish startup accelerator. Now helps companies to grow innovating.