Doctorpedia is one of the world's largest networks of over 1,900 medical websites with doctor-led videos, content, and product reviews. With £2.5M raised, 2,000 videos, and referral links to 50,000 health products, Doctorpedia is aiming to revolutionise the way people discover health resources for most medical conditions and topics.

  • To combat misinformation and improve health outcomes around the world
  • Our video tech aims to be 10x cheaper than standard market rate
  • Estimated £7.36 billion in US healthcare/pharma digital advertising in 2020
  • Valuable asset library including 2,000 high quality doctor-led videos


With over 1B health questions searched on Google every day, online misinformation and disinformation is rife. Over 25% of the most viewed YouTube videos on COVID-19 contained misleading information and top links on common diseases contained misinformation in 40% of cases. Considering the projected £7.36B in healthcare digital advertising in the US alone, we have identified a need for a single platform with trusted doctors, engaging content and reviewed products and services. This is why we built Doctorpedia.

Doctorpedia is an online home for doctor-approved videos, resources and everything else you need to improve your health and wellness.

  1. On our network of 1,900+ condition websites, users can find immersive doctor-led and patient-friendly experiences with videos, apps, products, and other relevant health resources.
  2. Our interest and specialty channels make healthcare interesting and will provide sponsors with targeted and engaged audiences.
  3. Our doctor platform gives qualified physicians easy-to-use publishing tools to create and distribute videos, articles, webinars and podcasts across our network.

In addition to our vast library of domains and content, we have seen over 5M video views on Facebook alone and our websites make up a large number of page 1 listings on Google.

We plan to monetise through doctor subscriptions, sponsorships, cost-per-click and affiliate marketing.


Key members of the team include:

Jeremy Wosner, CEO/Founder: Before Doctorpedia, Jeremy owned an SEO company, built a corporate social responsibility company with his professor from the London School of Marketing, and built an online organic delivery service.

Dr. Pracha Eamranond, CMO (Part-time): He has been a chief medical officer in small and large healthcare organizations focusing on patient experience and education. He currently teaches part time at Harvard Medical School and cares for patients with complex medical and psychosocial issues at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

Dr. Hala Sabry, Chief Community Officer (Part-time): She is an emergency medicine physician and the founder of Physician Moms Group (PMG) - a community of over 113,000 members with a substantial active membership. She will be instrumental in moving Doctorpedia forward, especially with the new Doctor Platform.

Nicolas Pisani, Head of Technical Development (Part-time): He is responsible for creating digital solutions, working alongside our Head of Content to provide a great user experience. He is the founder and CEO at White Canvas, a Digital Design agency specialized in UX/UI and Web Development.