Tyres are the automotive pollution scandal no one is talking about. ENSO is developing a new generation of cleaner, sustainable tyres for electric vehicles (EVs) with plans to disrupt a £200bn global tyre market. Working with a leading EV automakers and fleets, ENSO is fundraising prior to its 2021 commercial launch.

  • Tyres: Major air pollutant & make up 28% of all primary ocean microplastics
  • Senior experienced team, with decades of experience within the tyre industry
  • Direct-to-customer sales model designed to disrupt legacy distribution networks
  • Commercial launch in 2021, with TFL and a large EV fleet


Tyres are the automotive industry’s biggest, dirtiest secret. Tyres are largely made of fossil fuels, and as they wear down, emit more air pollution than tailpipes making up 28%+ of all primary ocean microplastics.

Tyre pollution is an even bigger problem for electric vehicles (EVs). Their increased weight & torque wears tyres even faster, emitting more pollution. So while EVs are our future, unless we solve the problem of tyre pollution now it’ll go from bad to worse.

ENSO is developing better tyres for EVs, to help reduce pollution and carbon emissions in line with the UK Government’s Net-Zero Strategy. ENSO’s mission is to deliver the most efficient, durable and sustainable tyres, calibrated for EVs.

ENSO will operate an innovative direct-to-customer ‘Pay-per-Mile’ model. This has been designed to disrupt legacy distribution to serve EV-carmakers, fleets and private individuals directly; shifting financial incentives away from shorter-life highly-polluting tyres, towards affordable, durable & low-emission tyres.

With nearly £2m invested already for R&D, our latest energy-efficient tyres have achieved ‘A’ energy efficiency ratings in Germany.

This round will allow us to deliver our first commercial tyres to EV-carmakers in 2021, and launch trials via London FreightLab, with Transport for London & DPD, with plans to expand to California by 2022 under this partnership.


Founded in 2016 by a team with decades of experience within the tyre industry, ENSO is headquartered in London with teams in Germany and Brazil.

Our senior management team includes:

Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, CEO and co-founder, has over a decade of experience in start-ups and is a proven entrepreneur in the tyre space having founded and exited a high-performance winter tyre company.

Dr. Helmut Kreuser, CTO and co-founder, has decades of experience in tyre R&D as the former Head of Product at Continental Tyres in Germany, and brings vital expertise on product design, scale-up and manufacturing.

Prof. Gert Heinrich, Senior Tyre Expert, is a world leader on tyre R&D with involvement in over 600 publications. Formerly the Senior Research Scientist at Continental Tyres in Germany, he brings unique insight on advanced polymer materials.

Marcos Santos, Senior Materials Expert, is experienced in bio-based and low-carbon materials. Formerly the Head of Production at Continental Tyres in Brazil, he brings hands-on expertise in sustainable raw materials.

James Goodwin, Chief of Staff, brings decades of experience in operational excellence and service delivery, and was formerly Operational Team Leader and Tank Commander in the British Army.

ENSO is also supported by MobilityXLab in Sweden, the TechNation Net-Zero Programme and the Mission Automotive; the Armed Forces engagement initiative.