Equinox Kombucha is a home grown UK producer of award winning organic kombuchas from its B Corp brewery in West Yorkshire. Backed by Yeo Valley (Flos Vitae), EK are raising to continue their growth (+ 8.6m units sold since 2016 / 72% YOY retail sales growth) & expand their market reach in the UK & EU.

  • One of the UK leaders in a global kombucha market expected to reach £6.6BN by 2028
  • High growth of 19.9x rev since 2016. Revenue of £2.55m and EBITDA -£920k for 2021
  • Only B Corp kombucha brewery in Europe, stocked in Waitrose & Asda
  • + 8.6m units sold since 2016, 5m units sold since the start of the pandemic.


People are craving healthy products, produced by ethical companies and Equinox is a success story that has seen a small UK craft manufacturer in Yorkshire, become one of the UK market leaders.

Kombucha is an ancient fermented tea that when authentically brewed, contains living bacterial cultures and organic acids. Studies have shown that bacterial cultures in fermented drinks are believed to promote gut health and immunity.

Founded in 2012 by a Yorkshire couple who discovered Kombucha backpacking in Asia, Equinox was founded on ethical, sustainable principles from the start. As such, we are the first certified B Corp kombucha company in Europe and a BRC AA rated food safe factory.

Stocked in major UK retailers including Waitrose and Asda, plus a wide variety of online grocers and independent health stores, Equinox success stems from popular consumer demand for living, fermented drinks. In 2020, a partnership with Hugh Fernley Whittingstall and River Cottage helped Equinox to cement the companies position as one of the UK's market leaders by launching a range of kombuchas. They have since been showcased on This Morning and featured in the Sunday Express.

We are raising to:

  • Expand our market reach with further listings in major UK and in to EU supermarkets
  • Expand our team (UK and EU)
  • Invest in net zero carbon and food waste projects with Surplus to Purpose


At Equinox our power is in our people. We are a team of 29 kombucha advocates from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and passions. We still have founding team members who remember the good old days of brewing in their kitchens, as well as talented individuals who joined, attracted by the company values.

Daniel Spayne

Managing Director

Equinox’s Co-Founder and first Angel Investor.

Passionate about holistic wellbeing, Daniel has a background in international real estate finance and advisory. He has helped the business to grow in revenue and secure equity investment from key shareholders like Yeo Valley (Flos Vitae) and LSG.

James Chatfield

Operations Director

Responsible for the management of the company's brewery, production and operations, James has a background in FMCG operations and food manufacturing.

Genevieve Boast

Head of Sustainability and Story

Career in media, sustainability and leadership development, Genevieve has 12 years combined experience in her fields. She has taken the company through its B Corp certification and continues to manage Equinox’s marketing and communications.

Ben Newton

Board Advisor - CFO & Investment Director Yeo Valley

Experience includes Group Finance Director at Future plc, senior roles at Better Capital, a private equity fund and at Lincoln International.


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