Fastbase Solutions goal is to develop its microscopy platform, QF-Pro®, into an easy-to-use marketable healthcare product, that contributes to enhance immune-oncology treatments of cancer patients. Fastbase was founded by leading scientists from Cancer Research UK. After promising trial results,they now require funding to launch QF-Pro® commercially.

  • Awarded 'best predictive test for immune oncology' by industry experts and big Pharma
  • Immune oncology is a fast-growing cancer market (16.5% CAGR)
  • QF-Pro® technology is patented in all major international markets
  • We estimate that QF-Pro® could save between €25-€42k/patient in treatment costs (USA & EU)


We founded Fastbase with the goal of improving the lives of cancer patients. As cancer deaths exceed 10m people per year in 2020, we are developing a solution to target one of the root causes of cancer deaths: delivering proper diagnostics.

Therefore, we have developed QF-Pro®, a molecular imaging technology that can map & quantify protein interactions & post-translational modifications in biopsies. These are important biological events. According to our research, their quantification by QF-Pro® can stratify patients for correct treatments, predict patient responses and survival. Our research indicates that no other product is currently offering a higher molecular resolution.


  • Cooperating with renowned laboratories worldwide
  • Demonstrated value in predicting patient response to immune-therapies & can predict patient survival in lung & skin cancer (published in Cancer Research)
  • QF-Pro® technology is protected by patents & licenses in the main markets
  • Won two international awards:the EU seal of excellence & MATWIN award in 2020.

We require funding to begin our next phase: fully productising QF-Pro® & translating it to research & clinical laboratories worldwide. We believe it could improve patient outcomes of immune-oncology therapies. Our own research suggests we could expand into other diseases. The Immuno-oncology market is expected to grow at 16.5% CAGR to $37bn by 2028.


We at FASTBASE have assembled a diverse team with an assorted range of talents & backgrounds:

Prof Peter J Parker: Founder & Chairman of Scientific Advisory Board

FASTBASE Solutions was founded by Prof Peter J Parker, a decorated scientist who is a member of the Royal Society, a Morton prize winner & recently retired from King´s College and the Francis Crick Institute, London, where he headed the Protein Phosphorylation Laboratory.

Mr. Fernando Aguirre (MSc): CEO

Fernando has significant experience in company launches, he is the founder of 8 other companies & has held roles in companies such as Ericsson, the European Commission & Hasten Ventures.

Dr. Veronique Calleja: CSO

Veronique has a strong background in cell signalling, biophysics & microscopy. With a long career in science & work undertaken in the laboratory of Prof Parker, she is perfectly placed to evolve our science & applications into the marketplace.

Dr. Juan Gumuzio: Operations Manager

Juan is an experienced operations manager who has worked in biotech operations & streamlining efficiency whilst expanding product utility.

Dr. James Miles (MPharmacol): Product Manager

James has worked with QF-Pro® for many years and has completed his doctoral studies with us. With a background in bio-imaging, molecular biology and biomedicine, he is perfectly placed to help evolve our technology into a market ready product.