People create great things; Feed helps them find their audience. With over 500 creators signed up to the beta programme, Feed is a platform that automates digital advertising for musicians and creators, enabling them to grow an audience and build their businesses

  • Over 500 creators on the beta programme
  • Music is our beachhead; tech is easily transferable to other markets
  • SMEs spent an estimated $52bn on Facebook & Instagram ads in 2019
  • Over £200k raised from HNWIs and Angel investors in the last 12 months


With billions of people online, there is an audience within reach for every creator. But how can they find those people when faced with limited time, marketing knowledge & resources?

That’s why we built Feed: a platform that automates the entire digital advertising process.

The creator simply has to connect their social media accounts and set a budget. That's all Feed needs to create ads that reach new people and convert engaged audiences into loyal fans over time.

Creators can focus on what they do best, while Feed optimises their ads round the clock through constant A/B testing of the creator's posts.

We plan to charge an affordable service fee on each creator's ad budget, rather than an expensive subscription; 100% of users who have given feedback approved of this pricing model.

Unlike existing platforms (which in our view are too complex, time consuming and expensive for creators) Feed caters for any levels of budget, requires no marketing knowledge and takes minutes to get started.

The beta platform is integrated with Facebook's & Instagram's ad network, and now has over 500 creators on board. Feed's ads perform 450% better than average on Facebook & Instagram (on metrics like CPC).

Music is our beachhead, yet there's huge potential to expand beyond this: over 100 non-music users are already on the beta programme.

Funds will be spent on launching the paid version of Feed on Q4.


Nick Edwards and Joshua Jankowski founded Feed to support the increasing number of creators with an entrepreneurial attitude: independent musicians are the fastest growing part of the music industry, and Millennials and Gen Z are 183% more likely than previous generations to aim to set up a side business.

The founders bring a wide range of complementary skills - marketing, design, development, finance and investment - all crucial for successfully executing the plan.

Joshua is a digital marketing expert, designer, developer and musician. Before Feed, he ran digital marketing campaigns for some of the most influential record labels including Warp and Transgressive.

Nick is a former investor, economist and musician. Before Feed, he worked at Warwick Capital and BlueBay Asset Management and holds a first class MA in Economics from the University of Cambridge.