Football Fan app is aiming to change the way billions of fans engage with each other. Fans can connect with other fans, build followers, create banter rooms, join club rooms, create stories, follow live scores, watch videos, collect FanCoin® rewards and more. They are fundraising to fuel their growth.

  • 46% of the world's population are interested in Football
  • 22K+ downloads & 1.5M+ interactions on the app since launch in June’20
  • Rated as a top UK Soccer company and startup by Welp magazine
  • Rated in top 72 Android startups worth an investment by Startup Pill


Football (Soccer) is a dynamic all year sport with 4+ billion followers globally. Passionate fans like to express themselves and we estimate that they exchange millions of messages daily on various social media platforms. Fans generate a plethora of business opportunities like merchandise, advertising, ticketing, gaming, travel, streaming and more. We believe these fans are scattered and diluted on many platforms to meet their daily Football needs.

The Football Fan app leverages an opportunity for a dedicated fan-driven platform with the vision to become the go-to app for anything Football.

The app aims to offer a blend of SportsTech with business opportunities supported by fan-engagement features where fans create and contribute their Football-focused content, honoring a 'by the fans, for the fans' ethos.

Fans can connect with other fans or their club, create stories, watch videos, follow live scores, in-game events, statistics, post opinions/reactions, use banter rooms and more. Fans are rewarded with FanCoin® the more they contribute.

The app has over 22K downloads with 1.5Mn+ interactions since its launch in June’20. We are fundraising to fuel user growth, starting with an initial focus on fans of English Football. We plan to introduce initial monetisation features and make FanCoin® redeemable, helping to offer more value to contributing fans.


Amit Singh Rathore (Founder & CEO)

Serial entrepreneur with technology patents & an exit from a live streaming business. Brings 21 years of experience from HP, BT, Lloyds Bank, HSBC, Bank of America, RBS.

Manish Rathore (Co-founder & CTO Full-Time Post Raise)

Brings years of technology expertise from Lloyds Bank, Barclays Capital, Deloitte, AON, Allianz & Capgemini.

Irfan Qureshi (Marketing Head)

Brings many years of marketing expertise with his out of the box creative digital growth ideas.

Ajit Singh Rathore (Content Head)

Award-winning sound designerwith 31 film credits (IMDb), has regularly garnered official selections at top film festivals like Berlin & Venice. Takes our content strategy to the next level.

Michael Hamilton (Industry Advisor)

Award-winning Football industry professional from grassroots-professional clubs via his role at AFC Wimbledon. Advises us on industry insights shaping our product.

Jonathan Nadarajah (Business Advisor)

Runs a consultancy firm having worked with Manchester Utd. Advises us on shaping our digital & eCommerce strategy.

Nathalie Gaudillat (Marketing Advisor)

Expert in building brands, new markets & expansion. Advises us on marketing to accelerate growth.