Foxes Bow Whiskey aims to disrupt the outdated, exclusive world of whiskey. In a sea of whiskeys fixated with the past, we add some contemporary vibrancy. On a mission to take a slice of the $2.5bn Global Irish Whiskey industry, this irreverent spirit is designed for the new generation of whiskey drinkers.

  • Product appeal for Foxes Bow with 91% of the US consumers researched (253 sample in total)
  • In's top 5 best selling whiskeys for 2021, a leading e-retailer
  • Irish Whiskey projected to overtake Scotch sales in the US by 2030
  • IWA data suggests that Irish whiskey continues to be the world’s fastest-growing spirit



Consumers buy brands they resonate with.


It appears to us that most brands act as heritage brands, focused on the past. They don't represent the modern consumer.

We feel the idea is perpetuated that whiskey is exclusive, with a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ way to drink it.


Listen to the new generation of whiskey drinkers, to offer a product designed to represent their taste.

No intimidating whiskey jargon and rules. Offer a high quality, accessible premium whiskey.


Fastest growing spirits category of the past decade, with 140% volume growth (2010 - 2020).

The value of Irish whiskey export growth has already exceeded targets set down in Food Wise 2025 government strategy.

Projected CAGR between 2020 – 2025 for Irish Whiskey is +7%.


Strong media coverage.

85.5% of our social followers are under 45 shows brand resonating with the new generation of whiskey drinker .

Initial exports to German market in March 2022.

Having built a strong brand and created what we believe to be a winning recipe, we’ve selected a respected external third party distillery to produce the whiskey.

This round of fundraising will be used on inventory, headcount and marketing spend to unlock growth opportunities including expansion of distribution in Ireland and the UK, and explore new markets.


Perhaps not your stereotypical whiskey founders, our team has complementary skill sets to support our ambitious vision. Made up of seasoned spirits industry experts, entrepreneurs and financial professionals. We also bring a unique perspective given we ARE part of the target consumer group.

Alice Carroll - Co-founder

Former brand developer with Pernod-Ricard, working with some of the world’s top performing whiskey brands including Jameson, The Glenlivet and Chivas.

Experience working on some of the most successful brands in Europe and North America.

Tony Foote – Co-founder

Chartered Accountant with experience working with Deloitte and Google - including Google X (The Moonshot Factory) in Silicon Valley, supporting projects that have the aspiration and riskiness of research with the speed and ambition of a startup.

Liam Mc Inerney – Co-founder (part-time)

Entrepreneur and co-owner of Fishambles Architectural Firm. His work has seen his practice feature in national media as an ‘emerging architect’.

Patrick O’Driscoll – Non executive director (part-time)

Industry veteran, 35 years experience. Former CEO of Corby Spirit & Wines, Canada (an affiliate of Pernod-Ricard) and prior to that, former Global CEO for Malibu Rum and Kahlua.

Led a number of successful M&A projects including the purchase of the Ungava spirits company and the foreign affair winery as well as disposals of non-core assets.