Freedom One Life drive innovation in what we believe is an outdated powered wheelchair market set to be worth over £9bn in 2027. 3 years of R&D, 20,000km of real-world testing and test drives that leave huge smiles on people’s faces means that the industry-leading Series 5 powerchair is ready for commercial launch.

  • £175k grant recently secured, plus £1m raised to date (inc. Grants, Debt & Equity)
  • 20,000km in-house validation testing complete in real-world conditions
  • Global powered wheelchair market to double by 2027 to £9.24Bn
  • Distributor route to market identified at tradeshows in UK and Europe


Powered wheelchairs exist to liberate and empower disabled people, yet most powerchair users have their life choices restricted by limited range, breakdowns and fear of being stranded. Meaning that users avoid travel, face social isolation & risk unemployment.

Alex is a powerchair user who was frustrated by constantly breaking down & being stranded, he decided to address the problem by founding Freedom One Life. We're dedicated to enabling wheelchair users to live the life they choose.

The Series 5 will be our first product, the result of years of R&D & thousands of hours of testing over 20,000km in real-world conditions across the globe. We aim to become an industry-leading powerchair that puts the user back in control.

The Series 5 passed the required destructive crash test on its first attempt & a global audience of distributors and users visited our stand at one of Europe's largest mobility tradeshows leading to invitations to visit them & requests for demo chairs for test drives. Our test drives leave huge smiles on people’s faces.

The global powerchair market is growing & will more than double by 2027 to £9.24Bn. The addressable market will be £5.85Bn by 2027.

With R&D complete, this round will enable our commercial launch. This includes building demo chairs for the well-established distributor market across the UK & Europe. Key hires in sales & marketing will support growth.


Alex Papanikolaou, Founder and Technical Director

Alex has used powerchairs for over 20 years and we like to call him our head of destructive testing. Alex has led the technical design for the Series 5 and has also taken it to the 4 corners of the globe. He enjoys pushing limits and redefining product expectations. Alex has an eye for the smallest design detail that can make a big difference in the real world.

Scott Savage, Lead Design Engineer

Scott is inspired by driving change through innovation in an outdated market. Over the last decade, Scott has designed and launched numerous mass-market products. He has a detailed understanding of design and engineering demands for technical products. His balance of engineering expertise, consideration for aesthetics and user experience has produced the industry-leading technology and one of a kind design of the Series 5.

Albert Nicholl, Managing Director (Part-time)

Albert has spent his entire career in MedTech and held senior leadership positions in multinational corporates such as Stryker and Orthofix. He has been involved in launching medical device products to the market, products which make a real difference to the lives of the people who either use or are treated by those devices. Albert drives the commercial launch of the Series 5 and leads investment activity.