GivePenny wants to be the connected digital toolkit for creating more effective charity fundraising challenges, with Cancer Research UK and other charities raising £1m in donations through the website so far. The 'Connected Giving' platform uses Spotify, Strava, Twitch and more to drive donations / revenue.

  • Users have raised over £1m for good causes using GivePenny
  • 70+ charities as customers, including Cancer Research UK
  • We aim to provide a scalable, secure, reliable platform - hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Featured on Sky News, The Guardian, BBC


GivePenny is a connected digital toolkit for creating effective charity fundraising events. Customers include the world's largest research charity, Cancer Research UK.

The platform integrates with some of the world's most popular apps and websites to create fundraising challenges to drive social engagement, fundraiser motivation and successful fundraising - 'Connected Giving'. Hosted on Microsoft Azure and engineered to very high standards, we aim to grow as a fully scalable and secure platform.

For subscription and 'per donation' fees, charities use GivePenny to create and promote fundraising campaigns. Supporters join one of these campaigns and personalise their own fundraising pages using integrations with apps like Spotify, Strava, Twitch, YouTube and Fitbit. The content and data from those apps, plus our own pledge-based payment options, makes fundraising effort visible and engaging, which in turn drives donations.

Since Mar 20, GivePenny grew rapidly, hosted 72 virtual events, processed over £700k in donations.


168,000 registered charities in the UK.

£10 billion donated in 2018.

Online giving grew by 20% in 2019.


Charities predicting 48% income drop due to COVID-19.


£470k raised 2018/19.

We are now raising funds to further scale the business and recruit sales, marketing and software development team members.


Our business is a collaboration between good friends with strong commercial backgrounds. We believe business principles can be applied to maximise generosity in society and profit for shareholders at the same time. We have all been through good and bad times in business, which has given us the grit and determination needed to build and scale our operation.

Lee Clark, Founder & CEO

Lee is an enthusiastic and influential leader who co-founded a tech-specialist lead generation company in 2008.

Ed Russell, Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer (Part-time)

Founder CEO of a software development consultancy.

Richard Waldron, Co-founder & Chief Sales Officer (Part-time)

Sales Operations Director with extensive experience establishing and growing lead generation operations working for global technology brands.

Steve Denby, Co-founder & Non-Exec Director

Entrepreneur, Investor and Sales/Marketing Strategist who founded, built and sold an IT services business.

Tim Dykes, Co-founder & Non-Exec Director (Part-time)

Experienced Investor and Finance Director , with successful exits in telecommunications sector.

Andy Litton FCIM, Non-Exec Director (Part-time)

Experienced technology marketeer with extensive experience running a successful brand, marketing and in brand and communications agency.